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Gyarados: Mmmm. Now that Suicune is gone, I want to make a life for myself. I swore I would serve Mark, but I would rather go away somewhere, maybe the sea.

Sandslash: I suppose I would return to my friends and family in the wild, though I'd like to see Mark again. Maybe he could visit.

Dragonite: Oh, I don't know. Staying would be boring if he won't be traveling. I'd like to see the world.

Rob: That's none of your business.



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That would depend on the situation; generally I'd only kill off a character when it makes sense for that character to die.

If I just specifically wanted to kill off one of each of their Pokémon and would engineer the situation once I'd chosen the Pokémon, I'd probably pick Sandslash from Mark's team because he is nice and loyal and his loss would be tragic without being quite as downright cruel as if it were Jolteon, plus that he is the least interesting to write and so as the author I'd miss his presence the least. May would probably lose Spirit because I'm mean like that and it's the one that would affect her the most by far, though Floatzel would also be a possibility in that regard if I didn't want to give Spirit the axe, and Flygon would be a possibility if I wanted to go for the nice-and-loyal-and-didn't-deserve-it death. For Alan it would be Charlie, because he would be so utterly crushed and horrified and it would be adorable and fun to write.



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Mark to steele: Vulpix, I guess.

Sandslash to steele: We used to have digging competitions and the like.

Scyther to steele: I like it just fine, aside from the bad memories associated with it. We don't usually have much of a preference in nicknames beyond not wanting them to be insulting.

Alan to maxmaxholly: I think I'm a pretty good trainer already, thanks, and I'm not interested in chasing after my dad's achievements.



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Ash: Huh? Tracey is a guy. How could he be a girl?

Sandslash: Improvising in battle is instinctual for a Pokémon. Some come to depend on the trainer's orders over time after being caught, but we've always had our opportunities to think for ourselves with Mark, so I don't think any of us ever started to lose that.

Leah: Actually, you can't have Master Balls recharged at all. They've taken pretty extensive measures to make sure no trainer can ever have more than one Master Ball, to make sure somebody doesn't just go out and capture all of the legendary Pokémon or something. Hehe.



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May's Dad: How did your Meganium die?
May's dad: It… it was an accident. We were in a battle against this Typhlosion, and we were desperate to win, and… it's painful to remember.

Mark: What sparked your interest for legendary Pokémon? Also, how have your opinions on legendaries changed during your journey?
Mark: I dunno. I've just always found them pretty fascinating.

Sandslash: Have you ever had interest in taking part in a Pokéathlon or any other kind of event?
Sandslash: Maybe. I've never tried it before.

Gyarados: Do you prefer to be in your Pokéball or out of it, in the water.
Gyarados: I'd rather be out of it, but being in the ball isn't bad. It's just… stasis, where you feel fine but you can't do anything.

Gyarados (Again): Why did you eat those kids? They could have saved you!
Mew: Who was the last Destroyer?
Gyarados: I ate them because I was hungry and they were too temptingly close.

Mew: Who was the last Destroyer?
Mew: …I do not know. The Destroyer has always been a mystery.

May: Do you, in any way, blame yourself for Taylor's… (Passing? Moving on? Trip to Kindly Old Man Simmons's Farm? Sentence to the Great Metaphorical Illegal Cloning Facility in the sky?)death?
May: …

Alan: Do you, in any way, blame May for Taylor's Untimely passing to Kindly Old Man Simmons's Great Metaphorical Illegal Cloning Facility in the Sky?
Alan: Well, right now I don't even really know what happened.

Chaletwo: What was the Dragon who survived supposed to do then?
Chaletwo: I didn't think it that far at the time. As I keep saying, young and stupid.

Mitch and Sparky:Have you ever had the misfortune of a HUMAN dying in front of you and you couldn't do a thing about it?
Mitch: All too often. Poisons claim many lives even after the victims are taken to me.

Sparky: I was there when my mother died. It always sits with you; it's a very surreal experience.

Mitch and Sparky (again): If you were told that your town would be starved by earthquakes and pestilence assuming you don't give up your Gym and Pokémon to some random ten year old who was completely unqualified for the job, would you do it?
Mitch: Depends on who was telling me that and why.

Sparky: I think I'd assume they were playing a practical joke until proven otherwise.

Ms. Grodski: Were you glad when Mark left on his Pokémon Journey?
Mrs. Grodski: I'm glad to be rid of him, but I can't say I'm glad his parents let him on the journey. When will he learn if they just give in to him?

Molzapart: What evidence do you have to prove that you're not the Destroyer, hmm?
Molzapart: Evidence? Why would I be trying to stop the War if I were the Destroyer? That theory is nonsense from the ground up.

Chaletwo: Same as above.
Chaletwo: What? That's ridiculous. I'm trying to stop the War. I'm not the one that needs to present evidence here. When you produce baseless conjecture like that, the burden of proof is on you.

Mew: Same as above.
Mew. …I suppose there is no such evidence. But I am not the Destroyer.

Nurse Joy: When you see an injured / dead Pokemon, does it make you feel worse than seeing an injured / dead human?
Nurse Joy of Stormy Town: Well, I suppose there is a sense of responsibility when there's a Pokémon, since keeping them healthy is my job, but injured or dead humans are no laughing matter either.

Sparky: What's the weirdest thing anyone's ever ordered at your restaurant. Besides, of course, a Scyther ordering a bowl of beer.
Sparky: Usually people just order things off the menu, so I can't say there has been anything particularly weird, can I?


The Talking Cheese, for future reference, yes, that was way too many questions, but I answered them anyway because I felt like it. Please don't ask so many questions again, and don't just ask a boatload of questions because you're bored; I have better things to do with my time than sitting here answering questions if you don't actually care about the answer.



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Mark's Sandslash: How do you feel about May and her methods? How do you feel about Alan?
Sandslash: May is just confused. I wouldn't want to be her Pokémon, but I doubt she means anything by it, and if they don't mind, I suppose that's their choice. Tyranitar was a special case, but the others seem healthy to me - well, I suppose Floatzel is eccentric, but she was eccentric from the beginning and I doubt anything like Taylor's death will happen again.

Alan is all right. He's very nice, and I'd much rather be his Pokémon than May's, but he's just too argumentative and easily worked up. I don't think he should have left.



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Sandslash: What are 'natures'?

(The fic universe assumes natures don't exist as independent entities; they're just what the games use to simulate the effect that individual Pokémon's personalities have on their capabilities.)



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Sandslash: Were you surprised that Chaletwo recruited other people in his plan to stop the war of the legends, like Leah?
Sandslash: Surprised? We knew that from the beginning. I don't understand what you're asking.

Leah: How do you feel about May and Mark apparently being more successful at capturing legends than you are?
Leah: Meh, it doesn't really count. Judging from what they said, they already knew where those legendaries were, which removes most of the challenge. If they continued at it for as long as I've been doing it, I'd bet they wouldn't end up with any more legendaries than I have.



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Sandslash: Whom do you more look up to? Mark, Alan or May?
Sandslash: Mark. I think he's a very good trainer.



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Do all of the trainer's Pokemon actually have specific natures that you've recorded somewhere? I know that Sandslash's Careful nature was mentioned once, but none of the other
Pokemon's have been.

Still waiting desperately for the next chapter.


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(To any of Mark's Pokemon who can answer): What is the inside of your Pokeball like?
Sandslash: It's not exactly like anything. Your senses mostly black out. You feel sort of floaty and vague and can make out sounds outside if you concentrate or just let your mind wander and lose your sense of time. I find it rather pleasant.



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Oh, God, why do I keep forgetting about this thread.

Raichu: During the Thunderyu battle, you and Jolteon teamed up to sap the electricity from the funnel cloud, but you don't have the Volt Absorb ability. How could you do it? Is this a trait that all Electric Pokémon possess, or does your absorption differ from Jolteon's? If it does, how?
Raichu: We were just gathering the electrical energy to be able to use it to power our own attacks. Any Electric Pokémon can do that.

(Volt Absorb is the ability to use absorbed electricity for healing and had nothing to do with what they were doing there.)

Scyther/Razor: You mentioned in Ruxido that you used to slash through tall grass for fun (or training, I can't remember which). Did you ever accidentally slash a wild Pokémon? What happened if you did?
Scyther: Slashing grass is loud; normally the wild Pokémon would have plenty of time to get out of the way. But if you did accidentally hit something, you'd eat it, or take it back to the swarm and share it if you weren't hungry.

Racko: Have you chosen to stay as a Grovyle, or are you not powerful enough to evolve into a Sceptile?
Racko: I just like this form! I'd feel naked without my wrist leaves.

(IALCOTN) Mark: The school you go to has a Porygon to help with grading tests; how can it stay in Sailance without becoming debilitated and tired? Or can it avoid this by converting itself to computer code?
Mark: The Porygon are just in the computers, and presumably the Effect wouldn't reach them there. I don't think they ever take physical form.

Mark's Sandshrew: How many moves do you know?
Sandslash: I don't keep count. Fifteen, twenty?

(As I keep saying, asking the characters is not the best way to find out factual information. He knows Sandslash's natural level-up moveset plus Rock Slide and Aerial Ace, unless I've forgotten some off-hand mention at some point.)

Pamela: Do you use ranged moves (Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, Round…) often?
Pamela: Sometimes. Alan likes Swift and Power Gem.

Victor: Do you think Mutark's ability to grow in size and power is a way of making up for it's lack of evolution? And I don't recall, is yours male or female?
Victor: Precious is male. I wouldn't say it's a substitute for evolution, per se; its utility is quite different, since it relies on enticing the opponent to underestimate it before it grows.

May's Stantler: You said you're a mother, how long ago did you have your baby? And have you had more than one?
Stantler: I had one calf, some five years ago, after my trainer died.

to Mark, May and Alan: What's your favorite species of Pokemon and why?
Mark: Lugia and Articuno.

May: Skarmory.

Alan: All Pokémon have their own strengths and weaknesses, and they're all their own individuals to be judged on their own merits, not their species. The idea of having a favorite Pokémon rubs me the wrong way - like having a favorite race of people.

(Mark's) Charizard: In the event of a battle between Charlie and yourself, who would be the victor?
Charizard: Probably Charlie. He is older and has more experience.

Mark/May: Have you considered buying or stealing a Pocket Healer? Seems that it would be awfully convenient.
Mark: Well, they're really hard to get and limited in scope, since they can only heal mild injuries - they're basically like a Max Revive and Full Restore in one. Serious damage like legendaries can do mandates proper Pokémon Center care.

May: Is it possible to hold a normal conversation with Mutark in any of her forms?
May: Kind of, but she only transforms during battle, so there isn't much of an opportunity for it.

Female Color Dragons: What do you suppose your male siblings are up to?
Raudra: They're scheming to leave us powerless and have us grovel before them as they rob us of our homes and mock us and slowly kill us!

You can't ask the male color dragons or the Destroyer, because they haven't appeared on-screen in the story (or, in the Destroyer's case, you at least don't know that he has), one of the requirements for being able to ask questions. Furthermore, all information I'll answer regarding the Destroyer in Ask the Author, etc. is basically channeled through Chaletwo - I'm basically telling you his beliefs about the Destroyer - and even if you could in fact ask the Destroyer questions, this would still violate the rule about not giving characters important information they may not actually know in the story.


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