Fic Art

This section may contain spoilers for all versions of the fic.

I (and a couple of other people) have drawn and/or sprited a few of the characters and fake Pokémon in this fic, so I decided to make a section with them. Keep in mind that some are older than others, and some are random in-class doodles that don't have particularly much effort put into them.

If you have drawn fan art for this fic, you may send it to me either by e-mailing me at or posting it in this thread at the Quest for the Legends forums. Please note that while all fanart delights me, I reserve the right to not put it up here if it contains significant errors, so as to prevent confusion: if you, say, drew Mark but made his hair brown instead of black, I would not put it here, so that nobody gets confused about what his hair color is actually supposed to be (but I'd still appreciate it!). Stylization or getting minor details or clothing slightly wrong is fine, though. (If you want to be sure to get it right, use my own artwork for reference if I have drawn what or who you are illustrating; otherwise, if somebody else has drawn it, it is probably at least reasonably correct if it is here, though the descriptions within the text of the story take precedence.)

Fanart is credited with the name of the artist; everything else is drawn by me.

Ouenian Legendaries (ILCOE)

Other Ouen Pokémon

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