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Sparky: I enjoy surfing the Internet, watching sci-fi, reading webcomics and playing video games, though the last one is most fun with Nurse Joy.

Mitch to blazheirio889: I like to read, largely nonfiction but also fiction of various flavors. I'm interested in biology, so a lot of my books are on that. And, of course, in my professional interests, a lot about poisons, venom and antidotes.

Mitch to InnerDemon: Once I was asked to help identify a venom. The victim's skin had begun to melt before we could figure it out; I was very shaken by it. Sadly, by that point it was too late.



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Ouch, I've been neglecting this thread lately.

Razor to InnerDemon: Challenging Nightmare to that duel. It's what started the entire ordeal.

Nurse Joy to InnerDemon: *smiles* I had a Treecko as my starter, a Wingull, a Teddiursa, a Geodude, a Leta and a Numel as my main team - as time went by, they eventually evolved, of course. And battling first while he watched, yes, he would do that. Always under the pretense of being a gentleman, of course. The sneaky bastard.

Sparky to yllfll: She had ovarian cancer.

Sparky to elyvorg: Oh, I haven't given it much thought why I am the way I am. I do like your theory. 83

Alan to steele: Er, well, she's… twelve. o_O It would be weird.

Mark to steele: *freaked-out expression*

May to steele: Oh, sod off with the romance questions. I have better things to do than think about boys in the middle of the League. Besides, Mark is a wimpy plush toy and Alan is a preachy goody-two-shoes.

Raitwo to SandStormBuisle: He's Master.

Mewtwo^2 to SandStormBuisle: …

Funny things, those Clone Balls.



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Sparky: Oh, all kinds. My favorites tend towards adventure games and she's a more RPG and strategy-ish type, but we'll play pretty much anything that looks entertaining. And when we're together, it likes to end up being silly fighting games.



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Sparky: That would have to be Raikou. It's so… Raikouy. :3

Nurse Joy: I'd say Giratina. I have a thing for shapeshifters.



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May's Dad: How did your Meganium die?
May's dad: It… it was an accident. We were in a battle against this Typhlosion, and we were desperate to win, and… it's painful to remember.

Mark: What sparked your interest for legendary Pokémon? Also, how have your opinions on legendaries changed during your journey?
Mark: I dunno. I've just always found them pretty fascinating.

Sandslash: Have you ever had interest in taking part in a Pokéathlon or any other kind of event?
Sandslash: Maybe. I've never tried it before.

Gyarados: Do you prefer to be in your Pokéball or out of it, in the water.
Gyarados: I'd rather be out of it, but being in the ball isn't bad. It's just… stasis, where you feel fine but you can't do anything.

Gyarados (Again): Why did you eat those kids? They could have saved you!
Mew: Who was the last Destroyer?
Gyarados: I ate them because I was hungry and they were too temptingly close.

Mew: Who was the last Destroyer?
Mew: …I do not know. The Destroyer has always been a mystery.

May: Do you, in any way, blame yourself for Taylor's… (Passing? Moving on? Trip to Kindly Old Man Simmons's Farm? Sentence to the Great Metaphorical Illegal Cloning Facility in the sky?)death?
May: …

Alan: Do you, in any way, blame May for Taylor's Untimely passing to Kindly Old Man Simmons's Great Metaphorical Illegal Cloning Facility in the Sky?
Alan: Well, right now I don't even really know what happened.

Chaletwo: What was the Dragon who survived supposed to do then?
Chaletwo: I didn't think it that far at the time. As I keep saying, young and stupid.

Mitch and Sparky:Have you ever had the misfortune of a HUMAN dying in front of you and you couldn't do a thing about it?
Mitch: All too often. Poisons claim many lives even after the victims are taken to me.

Sparky: I was there when my mother died. It always sits with you; it's a very surreal experience.

Mitch and Sparky (again): If you were told that your town would be starved by earthquakes and pestilence assuming you don't give up your Gym and Pokémon to some random ten year old who was completely unqualified for the job, would you do it?
Mitch: Depends on who was telling me that and why.

Sparky: I think I'd assume they were playing a practical joke until proven otherwise.

Ms. Grodski: Were you glad when Mark left on his Pokémon Journey?
Mrs. Grodski: I'm glad to be rid of him, but I can't say I'm glad his parents let him on the journey. When will he learn if they just give in to him?

Molzapart: What evidence do you have to prove that you're not the Destroyer, hmm?
Molzapart: Evidence? Why would I be trying to stop the War if I were the Destroyer? That theory is nonsense from the ground up.

Chaletwo: Same as above.
Chaletwo: What? That's ridiculous. I'm trying to stop the War. I'm not the one that needs to present evidence here. When you produce baseless conjecture like that, the burden of proof is on you.

Mew: Same as above.
Mew. …I suppose there is no such evidence. But I am not the Destroyer.

Nurse Joy: When you see an injured / dead Pokemon, does it make you feel worse than seeing an injured / dead human?
Nurse Joy of Stormy Town: Well, I suppose there is a sense of responsibility when there's a Pokémon, since keeping them healthy is my job, but injured or dead humans are no laughing matter either.

Sparky: What's the weirdest thing anyone's ever ordered at your restaurant. Besides, of course, a Scyther ordering a bowl of beer.
Sparky: Usually people just order things off the menu, so I can't say there has been anything particularly weird, can I?


The Talking Cheese, for future reference, yes, that was way too many questions, but I answered them anyway because I felt like it. Please don't ask so many questions again, and don't just ask a boatload of questions because you're bored; I have better things to do with my time than sitting here answering questions if you don't actually care about the answer.


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