Ouen Map

This section may contain spoilers for all versions of the fic.

Hover your mouse over an area to see its name (if you have CSS enabled and your browser is decent, that is - if not, there's not much for you to do except solve that problem yourself). Note that all area descriptions apply to what things are like at the beginning of the fic - situations may change during the course of the story.

You can also click on a location to reveal some information about it in a box beside the map - note that this information may contain (very minor) spoilers. This technically works on all browsers I've tested it on (Internet Explorer 6 and 7 and recent versions of Firefox, Opera and Netscape, with additional thanks to Dybael for testing on Safari), but note that on Internet Explorer 6.0 you may need to move your mouse off the route after clicking it before the text appears, and in Opera and Safari it appears you need to hold your mouse button down while you read the text.

The Effect: a mysterious phenomenon of the northwest corner of Ouen that seems to slowly drain the energy of Pokémon within the area. The Effect weakens as one draws farther from the middle of the affected area and thus fades away as you draw farther from the midpoint. Nobody knows what causes this. To see map with roughly the area where no Pokémon are found due to the Effect marked, check this one. (It can also work to allow people with no CSS to see the map...)