Sometimes one story just won't do to tell all the stories I want to tell about these characters. That's when I write spin-off fics, sort of like extended extras that correspond to no particular chapter and can stand on their own - if a little unsteadily - without having read the main fic. This section lists the spin-offs that I have made.

Scyther's Story (Death is not to be feared)

A full backstory of my favorite character Scyther, from his birth to his eventual involvement in The Quest for the Legends. It was written for NaNoWriMo 2006, and is just about entirely character-driven. Please note that it will not be entirely consistent with the ILCOEth revision; however, when the relevant chapters of the IALCOTN will be written, I will try to make them consistent with Scyther's Story. It consists of 40 tiny "chapters" divided into seven parts. Note that Scyther's Story is completed, so yes, Part VII is the end. No more of it will be written.

Please note that this spin-off is rated R (or, if you prefer Fiction Ratings, M) for containing various things that could disturb sheltered children such as violence, blood, gore, disturbing imagery, self-mutilation, suicidal thoughts, extremely vague sexual implications, consumption of alcoholic drinks, and the F-word. You have been warned.

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  1. Part I: Innocence
  2. Part II: Friendship
  3. Part III: First Prey
  4. Part IV: Nightmare
  5. Part V: Rob
  6. Part VI: Obsession
  7. Part VII: Second Chance

The Fall of a Leader

The sequel to Scyther's Story, written for NaNoWriMo 2007. It is consistent with The Quest for the Legends version ILCOE, and it is recommended that you have read either that or Scyther's Story before reading this. Like the prequel, it consists of seven parts which each contain a number of untitled but numbered "chapters", and all those seven parts have been posted, meaning there will be no more parts.

This spin-off is rated R (fiction M) for violence, blood and death but primarily for sexuality in a couple of parts and seriously screwed-up potentially triggering themes I prefer not to reveal. This story is NOT for kids.

If you have experienced trauma and need to know the details of said potentially triggering themes mentioned before you can read it, look here. Anyone else, don't look there; it contains severe spoilers that will deliberately lessen the impact of the story.

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  1. Part I: After Razor Left
  2. Part II: Pearl
  3. Part III: Love
  4. Part IV: Razor
  5. Part V: Leader
  6. Part VI: Stalker
  7. Part VII: Downfall


This time the spin-off is a one-shot, but like Scyther's Story it is about Scyther. (There is a reason I call him my favorite character.) It is also, unlike everything else I've ever written, primarily a romance story (not that my idea of romance is generally what would be considered particularly romantic). It is rated PG-13 for sexual references.

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A short backstory of Spirit the Ninetales before she first met May. G-rated, for once.

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