There are many characters in this fic and its spin-offs. Here you can find information about these characters pulled together onto one page.


These bios apply to the IALCOTN version.


These bios apply to the ILCOEth revision. Please note that not all the information in them will necessarily be applicable to the IALCOTN once it gets that far.

Each of these bios is split into two sections. The first is the Pre-Story Biography, which for the main characters you should be able to read before actually reading the story if you want to, though for more minor characters you might want to wait until you have read the chapter where they are properly introduced. The second section is the Character Rambles, my ramblings about writing the character, creating them and so on, which contain spoilers and should not be read by anyone who has not read the entirety of the ILCOE. They are not very meaningful or interesting if you haven't, anyway, so there is no reason to be reading them before that point.

Human Characters
Pokémon Characters

Scyther Spin-Off Bios

These bios apply to the spin-offs, Scyther's Story and The Fall of a Leader. Unlike the ILCOE bios, they do not contain a Pre-Story Biography and consist just of a character ramble, which may also touch on backstory and so on. This also means that they contain spoilers, detailed for each of them individually.