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11/05/2021: Chapter 28/29 illustrations

Stormblade and Shadowdart here are based on their AU selves' appearances in Sutoraiku High

10/25/2021: Chapter 25/26/27 illustrations

10/16/2021: Chapter 24 illustration

Finally all that practice shading Voltorb is useful!

10/13/2021: Chapter 22/23 illustrations

10/04/2021: Chapter 21 illustration

I mostly like this one. Eevee came out well, I think, as did the stones.

10/03/2021: Chapter 20 illustration

The wonky perspective on chapter 18 bothered me so I meticulously measured this unremarkable scene out with CSP's perspective ruler. It took less time than expected for its complexity, though; I somehow managed it in four days (it's being posted a couple days late because I've had no time).

09/25/2021: Chapter 18/19 illustrations

Two more:

09/17/2021: Chapter 15/16/17 illustrations

Whoops, forgot to post these again.

09/03/2021: Chapter 14 illustration

Actually posting the art on time, miracle of miracles!

08/31/2021: Chapter 13 illustration

Chapter thirteen! Drawing all those Scorplack was a lot (and if you look closely a lot of the background ones are just blobs).

08/23/2021: Chapter 12 illustration

Chapter twelve.

08/21/2021: Chapter 11 illustration

Man, I keep thinking I've already posted these when I haven't.

08/15/2021: Chapter 10 illustration

A bit late as ever, but chapter ten.

08/07/2021: Chapter 9 illustration

Not too thrilled with this one, city background hard, but I do like the Mark from the back.

08/05/2021: Chapter 8 illustration

Oops I keep forgetting to post here

I spotted some mistakes in this after finishing it, miiiight tweak it?

07/31/2021: Chapter 7 illustration

This could be better but hhhh.

07/24/2021: Chapter 6 illustration

There are a lot of things going on in chapter six, but the most illustration-worthy of them is clearly Eevee being cute.

07/20/2021: Chapter 5 illustration

Chapter five.

07/15/2021: Chapter 4 illustration

Mark bringing Eevee to the Pokémon Center.

07/08/2021: Chapter 2/3 illustrations

Whoops, forgot to post these as I finished them.

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