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01/22/2022: Chapter 46/47 illustrations

I like 47 a lot. 46 a bit less, it's wonky, but it was fun trying to do something dynamic.

01/15/2022: Chapter 45 illustration

Not super happy with this one but I do enjoy the expressions.

01/11/2022: Chapter 44 illustration

Fond of how this one turned out, although Polaryu may look a bit small?

01/05/2022: Chapter 43 illustration

Much happier with this one overall (thanks Chibi for posing help), although the low-detail Mark and May do bug me a little.

01/04/2022: Chapter 41/42 illustrations

Feel like 42 in particular is pretty wonky because I was just dead tired working on it and had no energy to really tinker with May and Alan.

12/26/2021: Chapter 39/40 illustrations

I'm not really suuuper happy with either of these overall but oh well.

12/17/2021: Chapter 38 illustration

I like how this one came out a bunch.

12/12/2021: Chapter 37 illustration

Still really enjoy this moment.

12/06/2021: Chapter 36 illustration

Always enjoy drawing Crater Town.

12/03/2021: Chapter 35 illustrations

I was unsure whether to illustrate the moment before Gyarados attacks or during so I made two versions.

12/01/2021: Chapter 30-34 illustrations

Keep forgetting to actually post here, welp.

Wish I'd chosen a wider shot for the chapter 33 art, in hindsight. Also Thunderyu looks wonky and I gave up trying to figure out how to fix it.

11/05/2021: Chapter 28/29 illustrations

Stormblade and Shadowdart here are based on their AU selves' appearances in Sutoraiku High

10/25/2021: Chapter 25/26/27 illustrations

10/16/2021: Chapter 24 illustration

Finally all that practice shading Voltorb is useful!

10/13/2021: Chapter 22/23 illustrations

10/04/2021: Chapter 21 illustration

I mostly like this one. Eevee came out well, I think, as did the stones.

10/03/2021: Chapter 20 illustration

The wonky perspective on chapter 18 bothered me so I meticulously measured this unremarkable scene out with CSP's perspective ruler. It took less time than expected for its complexity, though; I somehow managed it in four days (it's being posted a couple days late because I've had no time).

09/25/2021: Chapter 18/19 illustrations

Two more:

09/17/2021: Chapter 15/16/17 illustrations

Whoops, forgot to post these again.

09/03/2021: Chapter 14 illustration

Actually posting the art on time, miracle of miracles!

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