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07/24/2021: Chapter 6 illustration

There are a lot of things going on in chapter six, but the most illustration-worthy of them is clearly Eevee being cute.

07/20/2021: Chapter 5 illustration

Chapter five.

07/15/2021: Chapter 4 illustration

Mark bringing Eevee to the Pokémon Center.

07/08/2021: Chapter 2/3 illustrations

Whoops, forgot to post these as I finished them.

06/26/2021: Chapter 1 illustration

Charmander on the road.

06/19/2021: Happy Nineteenth! (a.k.a Prologue Illustration)

Happy nineteenth birthday to The Quest for the Legends! I have begun a possibly overambitious project to attempt to illustrate each chapter of the fic over the course of the next year, leading up to the twentieth anniversary.

This is primarily an art improvement exercise, but regardless, I'm going to post the completed illustrations here as I go, because I might as well and it's not like there's much else to post here these days!

Here is the prologue:

10/06/2019: Commentary: chapter 77

Chapter 77: Home (commentary)

And with that, the Quest for the Legends commentary is a wrap. Read this final entry for another character who came very close to getting the axe, the cut scene about the fixing of Volcaryu, me somehow forgetting about the people who died, some closure for everyone, and my thirteen-year-old self's amazing epilogue plans.

Thanks to everyone who's followed this commentary with me! I've enjoyed doing this a lot, but now I need a good break.

So how about that next revision? Well, it's not happening now - I've got a lot of other things I'd like to do with my new free time for the moment. I certainly still want to return to it, but I can't tell you when that would be. I expect writing-wise I'd first be going for the sorely-needed rewrite of Morphic, and possibly Scyther spin-offs (even more sorely needed). Also there's this Detective Pikachu the game one-shot that I'd planned out and want to finish. And Groundhog Dave.

But we'll see! I still have a tremendous love for this story. If I do that rewrite of chapter 76 I'll let you know. Thank you all for reading!

09/29/2019: Commentary: chapter 76

Chapter 76: Chalenor (commentary)

This week, I comment on the penultimate chapter, where we finally learn what happened before the last War of the Legends, Mew and Chalenor fail to talk to each other about their issues with disastrous results, and everything is people and their bad decisions all the way down.

09/22/2019: Commentary: chapter 75

The Final Stretch - Chapter 75: Mewtwo²

Finally, the commentary on chapter 75! In definitely the fic's longest commentary (I'm sorry), I ramble a lot about my intentions with everything, scenes that I thought up in 2005 or 2006 with very important pivotal bits that didn't come about until spontaneously during NaNo 2012 or even during editing in 2017/2018, the bits that are Very self-indulgent, why Chaletwo is a good Preserver, and a little taste of Mew's self-loathing (but more on that in probably the entirety of the chapter 76 commentary).

09/15/2019: Commentary: chapter 74

Chapter 74: Unraveling (commentary)

This week, I comment on the calm before the storm chapter, where I talk about the ways in which May is not okay, the ways in which Chaletwo desperately tries to pretend everything is okay, and the ways in which Mark cannot make himself think about what if everything won't be okay. That and the many ways in which the draft of this chapter was really bad, and the many ways in which I planned to end the fic as a kid that were very silly.

09/08/2019: Commentary: chapter 73

Chapter 73: Recuperation (commentary)

In this chapter, May has a breakdown, Mark is a good, and I tell you about the flight attendant who inspired Nurse Joy, my previous plans to kill off both Floatzel and Weavile, the slight nod to Rainteicune, Chaletwo ruining a scene until Mark shut him up, and a lot of rambling about May's emotional state.

09/01/2019: Commentary: chapter 72

The Final Stretch - Chapter 72: Rick (commentary)

This week, the chapter I spent all of NaNo up to this point looking forward to, wherein I traumatize May as she makes a flailing attempt to do the right thing.

08/25/2019: Commentary: chapter 71

The Final Stretch - Chapter 71: Shattered (commentary)

We enter the deeply nostalgic last five-chapter arc of the fic with the chapter most drastically different from its draft thus far, where an amicable split-up turns into an explosive confrontation, May feels so much worse (so much worse), I get to finally write a ventilation break-in scene after not including one in chapter 10, and we read a diary so that I can remind you of, and establish actual vaguely-coherent characterization for, the soon-to-reappear villain of chapter 10, published in 2004.

08/18/2019: Commentary: chapter 70

Chapter 70: Waraider (commentary)

In this chapter, HORSE FIGHT

(Also, Robin learns things were worse than she thought, May continues to feel bad, I mourn the loss of the reveal of Sparky's Swellow, and we learn exactly why Shadey once told me "Well, yes, you would make up a unicorn and then give it issues.")

08/12/2019: Commentary: chapter 69

Chapter 69: Lies

In this chapter, May continues to feel the pressure, we meet a boy capturing legendary Pokémon with math, Leah is Leah, and Robin and Victor each try to voice the concerns that they have but are shut down.

08/04/2019: Commentary: chapter 68

Chapter 68: Truths (commentary)

In this chapter, which in no way resembles its chapter plan or draft title, our heroes come clean with Carl in one of my favorite NaNo scenes, Carl manages to make everyone feel bad, and finally they get a reprieve with Sparky, who continues to be Sparky, and I correct a lingering typo.

07/28/2019: Commentary: chapter 67

Chapter 67: Friends (commentary)

This week's chapter of The Quest for the Legends was extremely bad in the NaNo draft, and as posted was less extremely bad but still pretty A-to-B as our heroes get back in contact with Leah (last seen in chapter 51), Victor (last seen in chapter 40) and Sparky (last seen in chapter 34) and prepare to see Carl (last seen in chapter 38). Meanwhile, Robin tries to confront May with not exactly the results that she wanted, I tell you about Robin's definitely real special connection to Rick, Mary's cameo is sadly cut, I manage to fix a mathfail, I fail to notice why Victor was actually being super-awkward until late in editing, I cut a bunch of overly complex logistics but keep the overly complex result of that whole thought process, and there is Sparky.

07/21/2019: Commentary: chapter 66

Chapter 66: Doubts (commentary)

In this chapter, we learn about the Waraider herd (but Chaletwo doesn't know as much as in the draft), Robin arranges to look up a phone number with May so she can talk to her privately (unlike the draft, where May suggested they spam-call everyone they've met together), Alan has a breakdown (slightly better built up than in the draft), Mitch's eyes have turned blue-green (but I don't explicitly point this out like I did in the draft), and Mark and Alan have a heart-to-heart talking about their thoughts on training, releasing Pokémon, and Alan's inferiority complex (unlike the draft, where Alan and Charlie had a heart-to-heart while Mark stood there awkwardly and then quietly left).

07/14/2019: Commentary: chapter 65

Chapter 65: Three Dragons

In this unimaginatively titled chapter that somehow took me a year to edit, Mark's recovered, everyone's dispirited, Robin tries so hard to stay positive, the gang battle the male Color Dragons, and I comment a lot on how I changed things from the NaNo draft, where the battle was unbelievably cheap and made no sense.

07/14/2019: May Meets Her Shadow

I just posted a short, unpolished, decidedly non-canon extra that I wrote in 2014 on my Tumblr, if you're interested! It's a random Persona 4 crossover. Of sorts. About May.

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