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04/24/2022: Chapter 68 illustration

It's the kids who sit on the sofa and Carl gets a chair opposite them uuuuugh there is no reason it needs to be 100% accurate to the text but it still Bothers me


Negrek (04/24/2022 12:49:14)
I love Carl's immense grandpa energy here. A wonderful contrast to the fact that he's casually pointing out his safe where he's locked a dragon away indefinitely. Bad Grandpa!

I also love that Carl just has his massive safe hanging out in the corner like this is an entirely normal thing. One of my top characters tbh.

The color palette here is very muted, with a bunch of grays/browns/blacks/beiges etc. Perhaps Carl's house is just Like That, but it might have been nice to add a pop or two of more vibrant color to bring a bit of extra life to the scene!

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