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05/18/2022: Chapter 71/72 illustrations

71 took ages and I'm pretty unhappy with it, 72 took three days and it's a favorite. Go figure. I think I just like close-ups more than wider shots with multiple characters.


Negrek (05/21/2022 21:51:46)
I can tell you like your close-ups more than your wide shots! Chapter 72 makes a fun companion to the illustration for Chapter 10. Now you just need a chapter where Alan gets menaced to complete the set! Rick's expression in this one is a lot of fun.

It's fun to see Ryan in the Chapter 71 art! Poor guy just wanted to find some unicorns with math, how'd he get wrapped up in all this drama. Grumpy Victor is also a fave here.
robinwayne1 (04/23/2024 05:14:51)
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