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10/08/2007: Okay, guys.

Opinion poll! There will be quite a few of these here, I assure you.

Okay, so chapter 37 has a Gym battle of sorts. Carl vs. Mark, May and Alan (yes, Alan too; Carl wants to see his Pokémon, so to speak, for the sake of not revealing anything important). The question is, should he do this individually (with possibilities for a scene with Mark and Alan together while he battles May, possibly a continuation of their battle from chapter 36, and a scene with Mark and May while he battles Alan - not sure exactly what should be happening here, though, since I've already planned when their next battle will be)? Or should he do a big six-on-ten fight (why it's ten, again, will be explained in the chapter) where all the Pokémon are battling at once? I'm really undecided, so yes, your opinions will count for something. Which do you think would be more interesting to read?

10/06/2007: HINTHINTHINT

I just realized that something in the end of The Quest for the Legends is rather inspired by something in the eighth Pokémon movie.

Yes, I'm inviting you to go wild with speculation in the comment section. And no, I would not have posted this if it were something obvious like "OMG MARK SACRIFICES HIMSELF FOR THE TREE OF LIFE AND EVERYTHING BECOMES GOOD." Try again.

10/04/2007: Banner

I randomly (or well, in response to a topic about advertisement banners at the forums) made a new banner to represent the story. It features Chalenor, Photoshopped bolts of lightning, the name of the story, and the first rule of the Moral Code.

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Oh, and I've written some more of chapter 37. I might be able to finish it very soon, actually. How soon? We'll see…

09/28/2007: Bonsai Story Generator

I am having way too much fun with this. I ran some of chapter 37 through it, along with the first chapter of Morphic. The results are spectacular. While most of the sentences are nothing but ungrammatical nonsense, others make eerily much sense in a completely absurd way if you ignore the grammar mistakes. I made some punctuation edits to the following quotes (mostly adding opening/closing quotes where they were lacking), but nothing else. Seriously, this is better than Babelfish:

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EDIT: Oh, look. Now I ran the IALCOTN Prologue through it with The Forum. I got some really great quotes out of that:

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EDIT (2): I refreshed that and got some more hilarity out of it.

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09/21/2007: First entry!

Hi, guys! This is the first entry of the Quest Blog, the official blog about everything relating to The Quest for the Legends. Here I will ramble, whine, ask for opinions, post previews, and report on my progress with the latest installments.

It is a little inconsistent with the general look of the chapter comments because it runs on a completely different script (more specifically, the Cave of Speculative Theories script that I wrote) and I couldn't be bothered to make everything visually consistent. I may one day put the chapter comments into this script too, actually…

So anyway… chapter 37 of the ILCOE is still underway. I've been worried lately that after chapter 37 would be the first point in years where I actually don't know what's going to happen next in the fic, but the other day I randomly decided to make a brief chapter plan in the vein of the one I had created before for chapters 32-37 (I had realized in amusement that I hadn't even followed that particular chapter plan, and randomly wanted to make a new one now that that one was becoming out of date). I ended up with a rough draft of the basic events of chapters 37-53 which implemented an idea I'd had for chapter 39 (the actual Volcaryu battle is in chapter 38 rather than the originally planned 37, so this was basically the dreaded chapter I didn't know what to do for). Curiously, that one idea for chapter 39 dissolved my entire problem, as this managed to link chapter 38 sensibly with the next major events already planned. In fact, I was amazed to discover that every scene I've planned, save the actual end, now fits seamlessly into one of these chapters up to 53.

Of course, there is a lot of stuff that has yet to happen by that point in the story, and thus I will have to retract my old estimate that the entire fic may end up at something like sixty chapters. It will be seventy at the very least.

So what was that great idea for chapter 39? Basically, to do something that desperately needed to be done: recount just what the kids actually know about the War of the Legends and what they don't. The original reason I decided I needed to do this was that I had been slowly realizing how vague everybody's knowledge about the War was, "everybody" referring to both the characters and the readers. Originally, that was more or less because I was dissatisfied enough with what I had to consider it subject to change, but now that I've (finally) nailed it all down and am certain where I want to go with this, I can freely focus on developing that plot, and thus keep readers a little more interested. Basically it will be a campfire-conversation chapter in the same vein as chapter 27 in which Chaletwo gets to answer some questions and tell some enlightening stories. Fwee. I love Chaletwo.

I think every time I report a new chapter having been put up here, I'm going to post what I had written into my chapter outline for that chapter, just for the hell of it. In some sort of spoiler tag, of course, so you don't accidentally get spoiled on what happens in the chapter. I think it would be fun, if just because some of the outlines are pretty amusing.

As for the IALCOTN… well, I have been thinking of some delightful explanations and motives that weren't there before. A couple more steps towards this fic making some sense! :D

Uh, I think you'd all like to know some progress on the story, right?

ILCOE chapter 37: On the fifth page. It is progressing pretty slowly, but I will hopefully get into the right mood to go on a writing spree soon.

Preview, just because I feel like it!

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Aren't you just on the edge of your seat?

IALCOTN chapter 7: Pretty much just started, and I haven't been working on it much. Sorry.

Oh, and all those who didn't know: I will be writing a sequel to Scyther's Story, currently unnamed, for NaNoWriMo 2007. It will be about Stormblade and Shadowdart after Razor has left the swarm. The way I've been toying with it, I think the first four parts (out of seven; the structure will mirror that of Scyther's Story) will be from Stormblade's point of view and the latter three from Shadowdart's.

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