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05/08/2022: Chapter 70 illustration

This took ages but I'm reasonably pleased with the outcome.


Negrek (05/08/2022 22:38:17)

I love how supernatural these guys look; all it takes is some flat white eyes, eh? I think my favorite out of these is the one with the crystalline wings (I forget their names, unfortunately). Always a sucker for anything iridescent, and those wings in particular are gorgeous. You did a nice job with the flames here, too!

I admit I forgot whatever's going on with the psychedelic mist (mean look or something to keep them in place?), so I was kind of ? initially to see that as part of the background, but it's a neat effect. Looks like it would be fun to do!

Also, I saw your post about wanting to do all the things and not having time to do the things and just wanted to let you know, super relatable and frustrating! Nothing much I can say, really, except that I hope that things lighten up a bit for you soon so you can do more of what you enjoy. From my perspective you do so much–these chapter arts, for example, plus reading and reviewing and RPing and all kinds of stuff. Would love to see some of the projects you've had trouble finding time for, but already love what you're doing right now. <3

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