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06/24/2018: Commentary... not quite yet

Well, my weekend was swamped, so the first installment of the commentary is probably happening next weekend instead. Gives you all a bit more time to read the finale, I guess!

Technically I've already finished the commentary for the prologue, but since the prologue is so short I wanted to release it along with chapter one. The prologue commentary is actually more words than the prologue itself, I'm pretty sure, but still not a very substantial read. I also need to refine exactly how the commentary is presented on the site, and I need to go to bed, so.

06/19/2018: The End

Chapter 77: Home

Well, that's it. That's the end of The Quest for the Legends. Today it has been sixteen years since I started this story, and now it's done.

(Well, it's technically the twentieth over here by now. But I've always counted days by when I go to bed.)

Thanks to everyone who's been reading this over the years. I'm so grateful to have had people sharing this weird, stubborn journey with me. It really means a lot.

The chapter's mostly character wrap-up; not too much to say about it. I hope it gives you most of the closure you were hoping for.

I guess this is also where I officially announce the author's commentary. Because apparently just writing this thing for sixteen years isn't enough for me, I'm going to set out rereading the ILCOE from the beginning, writing commentary on each chapter, and making the commented versions viewable here for your reading pleasure. The idea would be that for anyone interested, you can read along with me and we can all laugh at how ridiculous it is together. It would make sense to do this on some kind of schedule (weekly?), so I'll probably attempt that. Knowing me I'll probably be impatient and start it this weekend or something.

01/21/2018: Chapters 75 and 76 up

It's finally time.

The Final Stretch - Chapter 75: Mewtwo²
Chapter 76: Chalenor

I don't know if this is going to live up to whatever you may have been imagining or expecting or hoping for, but it's how this story goes.

06/19/2017: Chapter 74 up (+ fifteen years)

Chapter 74: Unraveling is out. It is also TQftL's fifteenth anniversary.

I wanted to be able to finish the fic today, or else post the climax (chapters 75 and 76) - alas, it wasn't to be. But in a way, this is a pretty appropriate chapter to post today. It's not the most exciting or action-packed chapter, but it's a very nostalgic one, including, referencing or calling back to several events, characters and places from very early in the fic (don't worry, I don't expect you to still remember any of that), and one of the scenes here I literally first thought up when I was twelve or thirteen, making it by far the oldest scene this late in the fic - it has evolved over the years, of course, but my thirteen-year-old self would still recognize it. That feels pretty amazing, and looking back on all that history and the little thoughtless, childish writing decisions from the early days that this chapter lovingly embraces and recontextualizes a bit is a nice way to celebrate the fic's fifteenth anniversary.

I confess I'd probably be spending more time on this chapter if it weren't the anniversary, but I think it more or less does what it's supposed to do, and I'm content with that.

Thanks to everyone who's been here for this journey, whether you started reading this year or a decade ago. I know I have readers my age who've been following this story since they were kids, and it's amazing to think something I wrote has been a part of their lives for so long. Thanks to everyone who's been cheering me on over the years, poking me about my progress until I got here. And of course, a very special thanks to elyvorg and opaltiger, who've been my beta-readers for the past several years.

03/21/2017: Chapter 73 up

Chapter 73: Recuperation is up. We're slowly closing in on the end.

I'm still hoping to be able to get 75 and 76 up for the fic's fifteenth anniversary in June, but three months is a bit tight given I need to make major changes to both 74 and 75, so I can't promise I'll make that.

11/26/2016: Chapter 72 up

And, as promised, Chapter 72: Rick is up. It's pretty short but I love it a lot, for reasons.

11/19/2016: Chapter 71 up

Chapter 71 is here!

Chapter 72 is also ready and will go up next Saturday. Editing chapter 73 is also underway.

06/29/2016: Chapter 70 extra up

Not Alone, the previously mentioned Waraider extra, is up. In the vein of the previous extras, it's not a necessary part of the story, but if you liked Waraider, it gives a bit more insight into him and his issues (also, bonus young Chaletwo).

06/20/2016: Fourteen Years

As of today (uh, by which I mean the nineteenth, that's totally today, shut up), The Quest for the Legends is fourteen years old. I've been writing it for well over half of my life now, of course.

I wanted to post the Waraider-themed extra today, but it's not looking like that's going to happen; I'm on vacation in America right now and we've been having too much fun to leave me with significant writing time. Coming soon.

I'm still hoping to finish posting the fic before the fifteenth anniversary! It's like two months a chapter from this point, and with the Habitica boost to my speed I can probably make that. Fingers crossed.

06/07/2016: Chapter 70 up

Chapter 70: Waraider

The next installment will in all likelihood be an extra connected to this chapter. I did quite a bit of work on chapter 71 in preparation for this one, so that's coming along, too.

03/10/2016: Chapter 69 up

Chapter 69: Lies

I ended up making a bunch more edits to this chapter over the past couple of weeks. I still vaguely feel like I should spend more time on it, but I committed to a schedule, and for a May-heavy chapter, that's probably a good thing.

03/04/2016: Chapter 68 up

Chapter 68: Truths is up. Just one more left of this set.

Chapter 70's going pretty well, although I've also been making some last-minute edits to 68/69 because of course I am. I'm at the part where it stops being a battle now.

02/26/2016: Chapter 67 up

Chapter 67: Friends is up, as promised. This is probably the most A-to-B-ish of these chapters - an awful lot of it just feels like setup for 68 - but hey, it's not long to wait.

02/18/2016: Chapter 66 up

Chapter 66: Doubts is finally up.

Chapters 67, 68 and 69 have also been completed; they will be posted on the following three Thursdays. Thus, chapter 67 will be posted on February 25th, chapter 68 will be posted on March 3rd, and chapter 69 will be posted on March 10th.

I also updated Alan's character bio (contains spoilers for chapter 66), because did you know Alan has all of the issues.

12/23/2015: Progress Update

Like I said in my last update, I've been doing most of my rambling on the progress of TQftL on Tumblr lately, so for those of you who aren't following that, here's an update on how it's going.

As I've explained before, I'm editing chapters 66-69 at the same time for various reasons. I'm pretty much entirely done with 66 unless I make some last-minute decisions, have made the major additions I needed to make to chapters 67, 68 and 69, and am in the process of smoothing them out better and deciding what to do about a couple of scenes in chapter 67. Once I've finished all these chapters, I'll be posting all four chapters on a schedule.

My speed has been picking up quite a bit recently because I've been doing a thing where I work on the fic for at least half an hour daily. This has been helping me a lot - I've had problems with not writing anything for long stretches of time, or rereading but then wandering off to do something else before I manage to make any actual progress, and half an hour is just enough to get me past that threshold into doing some useful work (I'm allowed to write for more than half an hour, of course, if I have time and energy). Moreover, by doing it every day, I can keep up my general train of thought a lot better than when I leave it for weeks and then come back to it - I remember what I was thinking the day before and it's easy to come back to it. So, if you write, I highly recommend doing this. It's a lot of the helpful things about NaNo without the pressure to churn out words regardless of sense. (Not to knock NaNo, mind you; just getting the words down somehow is a great thing, too.)

So, it's been a while, but as usual, the story is far from dead, and in fact, I expect it to be picking up the pace from here on.

05/13/2015: Chapter 65 up

Chapter 65: Three Dragons

Oh, look, it's a chapter.

You can read all about the sordid tale of why this chapter took so long on my Tumblr, which, uh, may be a better place to hear about QftL progress these days than the Quest Blog. I'm not going to try to convince you it's worth the wait - I don't think it is - but at least now I can write some other chapters! That won't take as long!

I'm still planning to finish chapters 66-69 in one batch and then post them on a schedule after they're all done, so don't expect 66 too soon, but still definitely sooner than these past two. There is no excuse for the past two.

02/20/2015: The Best Thing Ever, Yet Again

So for my birthday, Negrek wrote this magnificent one-shot about whether or not Chaletwo could totally kick Molzapart's ass. I hereby declare it required reading.

Chapter 65 is still dragging on; I've just been having a hard time getting myself to finish off the edits I need to make because they're annoying edits (modifying an entire legendary battle in accordance with a major change made near the beginning of it). I promise to continue to do my very best to poke myself into doing it.

10/20/2014: The Best Thing Ever, Redux

If you read Morphic, you'll be delighted to hear the ever-amazing Negrek has written "Dave and Mia Discuss The Quest for the Legends" in celebration of my QftL half-life day (I'm calling it that now, okay). It is the best thing ever (not to be confused with this or this). :D

(If you don't read Morphic, be advised that it contains stronger language than TQftL usually does, and Negrek has faithfully reproduced that aspect.)

10/18/2014: An Unusual Milestone

As of today, I have been working on The Quest for the Legends for half of my life. I started the original version on June 19th 2002, when I had lived 4504 days, and today it has been 4504 days since that day.

Because I am a nerd, I find this extremely exciting. :D Party for everyone! Chapter 65 is coming I promise

06/13/2014: New character bio

There is now a character bio for Robin, given she's catapulted herself into the main cast and all. Right now half of the character ramble is about May, because so far Robin's primary purpose is to torment May by existing and Robin herself is fairly well-adjusted, but hopefully it's interesting anyway. (The other half is about Robin's origins as a character and is a shining example of how most of this fic's construction consists of miraculously happy accidents.)

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