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03/29/2022: Chapter 61/62 illustrations

I have made a script to calculate how many days I have left to work on each chapter art given my current progress; after chapter 60 I used it to find I had something like 5.3 days for each chapter art remaining, so starting with 61 I decided to commit to letting myself spend at least five days on each one - noodling to get it right in a way I'd previously been stopping myself from doing. 61 ended up taking six days, with that number of characters in it, but 62 four, so I'm still increasing my lead on the schedule, which is nice. Looking forward to hopefully being able to polish the rest of them more than some.


Negrek (04/08/2022 21:49:23)
I love how shocked the kids are in 61, and then Weavile and Floatzel have zero fucks to give about Mewtwo at all, haha. I hope you've enjoyed all your opportunities to draw mewclones for this fic. :P

Really love 62! Lovely work on the pose here, especially Dragoreen. I like the surf around the rocks, too! You seem to enjoy your dynamic dragons-in-flight covers, and they've all turned out well so far.

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