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06/19/2021: Happy Nineteenth! (a.k.a Prologue Illustration)

Happy nineteenth birthday to The Quest for the Legends! I have begun a possibly overambitious project to attempt to illustrate each chapter of the fic over the course of the next year, leading up to the twentieth anniversary.

This is primarily an art improvement exercise, but regardless, I'm going to post the completed illustrations here as I go, because I might as well and it's not like there's much else to post here these days!

Here is the prologue:



Negrek (06/19/2021 23:35:12)
Oh man, I had a feeling (obviously) that the project was QftL-related, so I was wracking my brains for where the fire could be from, heh. My only thought was something Crater Town-related, or maybe there was a big fight I wasn't remembering.

Anyway, this is a super cool project! It's going to be super cool to watch you complete these. More than once I've considered trying to do chapter art for Salvage, but ah, alas, why must it involve so many humans?
CarmineKnight (06/24/2021 15:27:18)
Oh yay!! I'm not actually actively on Tumblr anymore(but I saw the first post about the project) so these being posted here is great! I think it'll be a really great art exercise even if it's not "completed," and I look forward to seeing more!

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