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09/17/2021: Chapter 15/16/17 illustrations

Whoops, forgot to post these again.



Negrek (09/26/2021 00:31:55)
Ch 15 - I like how Mutark looks here! You did a nice job with giving the black fur some depth so it wasn't just a black hole. Big void kitty!

Ch 16 - You really enjoy using charmeleon's tail as a primary light source, don't you? No complaints! It's a cool effect. I like the dynamism of Skorplack's pose here.

Ch 17 - I think the lineless style wors really nicely here! Makes sense for an underwater scene. The lighting confuses me a little, though. If Mark's diving I'd expect the light to be coming down from the surface, but Seaking and Sharpedo look like they're moving parallel to the water's surface, not ninety degrees to it. I think you'd only see the ripples if you were looking straight down into or straight up from below the water, too.
Butterfree (09/26/2021 08:57:25)
The idea with the lighting was more that the darker color is towards deeper water, but yeah, it's not very obvious!

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