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09/29/2019: Commentary: chapter 76

Chapter 76: Chalenor (commentary)

This week, I comment on the penultimate chapter, where we finally learn what happened before the last War of the Legends, Mew and Chalenor fail to talk to each other about their issues with disastrous results, and everything is people and their bad decisions all the way down.


Altissimo (09/29/2019 23:17:46)
one shot of mew's emotional response the moment she realizes the war is coming back (realization that it's because of chaletwo optional) please

unrelated: so because chalenor was still ghosting around when mew tried to resurrect him, he got stuck as a ghost in the world - what do you think what would have happened wrt to chaletwo's existence if he moved on before mew tried it? I know it's not an important issue bc that's not what happened but haven't all my posts in this commentary been what ifs, lol
Butterfree (09/30/2019 04:30:26)
Chalenor's soul didn't actually end up in Chaletwo or having any influence on the resurrection - this off-the-cuff attempt to just attach whatever's in the eye to this body just accidentally tethered it to him. So it would've turned out pretty much the same - only the War wouldn't be happening today.

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