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10/06/2019: Commentary: chapter 77

Chapter 77: Home (commentary)

And with that, the Quest for the Legends commentary is a wrap. Read this final entry for another character who came very close to getting the axe, the cut scene about the fixing of Volcaryu, me somehow forgetting about the people who died, some closure for everyone, and my thirteen-year-old self's amazing epilogue plans.

Thanks to everyone who's followed this commentary with me! I've enjoyed doing this a lot, but now I need a good break.

So how about that next revision? Well, it's not happening now - I've got a lot of other things I'd like to do with my new free time for the moment. I certainly still want to return to it, but I can't tell you when that would be. I expect writing-wise I'd first be going for the sorely-needed rewrite of Morphic, and possibly Scyther spin-offs (even more sorely needed). Also there's this Detective Pikachu the game one-shot that I'd planned out and want to finish. And Groundhog Dave.

But we'll see! I still have a tremendous love for this story. If I do that rewrite of chapter 76 I'll let you know. Thank you all for reading!


CarmineKnight (SilverLatios) (10/06/2019 21:07:20)
It's been a pleasure. It's been a pleasure reading the fic over the many years, and a pleasure reading the chapter commentaries week after week. I looked forward to them every week. I'm excited for the next revision, where I'll finally be more comfortable shoving the fic down my spouse's throat so they can share in all of The Feels with me.

That being said, I'm equally excited for any other writing you get to! I haven't read Morphic in a long while but I don't doubt it(and everything with Scyther) would appreciate that fresh coat of paint and love. I adored all of the Dave and Mia shorts from a while back, and would LOVE more of that in the whole of Morphic. It's another one I'm stoked to share with my partner when the time is right.

I ended up stopping using Tumblr but I imagine that'd still be the best place to keep informed on your creative things?

Whatever you end up working on, I'll be cheering you on!
Happy (10/07/2019 20:47:49)
aughgh I think i cried at the exact same point I cried when I first read this, why

All the congratulations!!!!! Enjoy a well-deserved breather from this monolith creation. 😆
Butterfree (10/08/2019 19:08:24)
Aww, thank you! Yeah, Tumblr may be the best place to keep up with the stuff that I do.
Negrek (10/09/2019 23:19:15)
Congrats on finishing the commentary, and congrats again on finshing the fic itself! I'm not surprised you feel like you want a bit of a break now, heh. Looking forward to where you'll go next with your writing!
Muuja (10/17/2019 17:57:47)
I can't believe it took me this long to finally finish rereading this whole thing. Thanks, real life and work.

But anyways, congrats on finishing the commentary! The whole bit on Ash marrying some Melinda person honestly makes me think of the whole Tommy Oliver debate from Power Rangers, since he supposedly has a child now according to the latest anniversary episode. But I'd rather not get into that debate.

All in all, I seriously am looking forward to the future of this fic. Also the future of Morphic.

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