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Alan: …did I? Hm. That's odd.

Butterfree: *beats self with consistency fan*



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Letaligon: I have no interest in killing all the shiny Letaligon. I will kill my father, and I will watch my siblings kill one another. And then I will go and find another herd to live with.

Edit: I just read Alan's pokemon bios, and I must, say congratulations! You made three completly different backstorys for Mist in the ILCOE!
Three? What are you talking about? This one is the original one. I got confused at one point here in Ask the Characters and made up some deal with an adoption center, but that has already been made uncanonical, and the only other one has been exactly this one as far as I can tell. Even then, the only difference is in what happened to Mist's siblings, which technically does not change her backstory at all; she has consistently been found in a cardboard box in Itsruban, always having wanted to evolve into a Vaporeon.



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Boy, I really need to catch up with these questions.

Mark: What Pokemon do you plan on catching once you arrive at the Ouen Safari?

May: Same.
Mark: I don't really know. Something good against the remaining legendaries, I suppose.

May: I… don't know.

Mark: If you could be any Pokemon, what Pokemon would you be?

May: Same.

Alan: Same.
Mark: If I had to choose? Uh, I don't know. I think I like being human. Maybe a bird Pokémon. I like them.

May: …a Psychic-type, I guess. Telepathy and teleportation would be useful.

Alan: Some Flying-type. I'd love to be able to fly on my own wings.

Mewtwo(squared): So, what's been going on with you since Taylor died? Has Rick taken you back? Does he use you? Were you released, instead? Also, similarly, how do you feel about Taylor's death?
Mewtwo^2: …

(If you just want to know, Rick has taken him back and he was not released, but he is not being used either because by now he's way too high-leveled for a first Gym of the region. And Mewtwo^2 is a bit too mind-controlled to have much in the way of opinions on Taylor's death.)

Charlie: How do you feel about the evolution/devolution?

Alan: How do you feel about Charlie's evolution/devolution?
Charlie: I'm pretty neutral about it. It can be convenient, but I don't really like to flaunt it.

Alan: It doesn't really matter to me what his physical form is, so long as he is himself.

chaletwo: how do you exactly know that you're in a fan-fic and if you know, how come mew doesn't?
Because his eyes see through the fourth wall. Look, these sorts of questions are just annoying. He nominally knows he's in a fic for convenience so that some character will be able to make fourth-wall-breaking comments in this thread. That does not mean it's some interesting canonical property of his you ought to be scrutinizing.

Mark: what would you have preffered eevee to evolve into if he didnt evolve into jolteon?
Mark: I don't know. Whatever he wanted, really.

mew: if you used future sight to see what would happen when the war would start, what do you see?
This question is nonsensical; Future Sight does not work that way.

mewtark: ~ gives bowl of milk and bowl of blood ~ what do you prefer?
Mutark: *sniffs at the milk, then eagerly goes for the blood*

may: what do you hope to replace tyranitar with?
May: I don't know, okay? Stop asking me that.

Tyranitar: ~Gives may doll~ how do you feel? ~gets female tyranitar and uses attract~ hmm?
Tyranitar: *growls suspiciously*

mark (again): do you plan on visiting the other regions just as a travvaler?
Mark: Sure, sometime when this is all over.

Rob: Have you found a pokemon to replace Scyther?
Rob: That's none of your business.

Leah: I know a guy you can call for help with Mew.
Leah: Really, who?

(No, you can't actually tell her. See the rule in the first post of the thread about not giving the characters important information they don't know in-story.)

Mark: Just a thought, but if you never formally released Mew, won't that make it impossible for anyone else to capture it? Since it's already 'marked' by a Pokéball.
Again, no giving characters important information they don't actually know in the story (or, in this case, make them think about information they haven't actually thought about). This is intentional.

Ignore the nature bit in chapter five. It makes no sense and is just another one of those goofs.

@the ditto(the one Mark battled)
how does transforming work and did it hurt as much as it would for the "real" thing when you were charizard and your tail flame got wet? oh and if you transformed into eevee would another eevees attract "make" you "love" it?
Aaron's Ditto: You just… transform. It's easy. The body transforms completely, so what's painful to them will be equally painful to me while transformed. It doesn't affect the mind, though.

@chaletwo then…how does it feel to know your not real?lol(well hey he SAID it himself;he knows)
See this answer.



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I may have found another goof…

In the Chapter called Clearwater City it says

"Finally, to register Charmander to his ID number, he held the Pokéball up to the scanner and pressed A."

Yet in the first encounter Mark has with Rick's younger brother, Officer Jenny says that the computer says that Charmander, now a charmeleon, is registered to Rick's brother. How is that possible?
I have no idea how I managed to do that, considering this scene was new in the HMMRCIG and the whole Charmander-is-registered-to-Taylor thing has been a plot point since the original. Either I somehow forgot about it or Mark was merely assuming Charmander would be registered to his ID number now when in fact he wasn't. Just imagine it was the latter.

When human characters speak Pokemonish, what sound are they actually making? It would seem awkward to vary it depending on the Pokemon their speaking to, because of the difficulty of learning different intonations etc. for every species, and the problem of addressing a number of Pokemon of different species. So what sound exactly do they make?
Huh? Human characters never speak Pokémon speech. Pokémon understand human, so there's no need for humans to speak it, only to understand it. If you've gotten the impression anywhere in the fic that a human is speaking Pokémon speech, that's not the case.


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