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How do u put your pokemon personalities on?


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Apologies for being ridiculously late as usual.

Letaligon: How is your life in Ruxido? Are you dissapointed about your father's death? Would you come back with Mark if you had the opportunity?
Letaligon: …I… I'm fine.

Mrs Grotentwoski (or whatever your middle name is): What would you say if I told you Mark is one of the 4 best trainers in Ouen this year?
Mrs. Grodski: Hmph. It looked like dumb luck, if you ask me.

Chaletwo: If you did absolutely nothing to stop the War of the Legends, who do you think would win?
Chaletwo: The legendaries' power is equalized for the War. There's no point speculating on who would win.

Mark and May: If you had a chance to become any Pokémon, which Pokemon would you choose to become? (No legendaries)
Mark: Um… One that can fly, maybe? It'd be nice to fly on my own.

May: Do I have to? I'd rather just stay as I am, thanks.

how do you like chaletwo being a more powerful version of you
Mewtwo: I once thought power was the true measure of worth, but I have since realized that every life has worth in itself. Power is irrelevant. Now that I know why he looks like me, I do not fault him for it.

How do u put your pokemon personalities on?
Not a character question, but I believe you're referring to the personality test results? Take the test here, and when you get your result, it will give you a BBCode for your result image. If you click the "Edit Options" link on this site, you can paste the BBCode into your signature and it will appear at the bottom of your posts.



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May, if you had to have a team of only Pokemon found in the Hoenn region, which six would you go with?

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