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Today it has been ten years since I wrote my first piece of Pokémon fanfiction. By which, of course, I mean Molzapart and Rainteicune.

Incidentally, it has also been ten years since Chibi Pika (also known as the creator of the best thing ever) started their silly often-revised still-in-progress legendary-heavy Pokémon fanfic, because clearly we are psychic twins. So clearly the essence of today is best described with this thing they drew for me that is also the best thing ever. :D

So yay.

Chapter sixty is going pretty well. I've been busy with tests, but since today was also the day of my last test, I'm going to be able to get going with that again now. Whoo.



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Ahaha, I'd forgotten you'd never actually posted that second best thing ever anywhere and were intending to do so today. x3

Sad is happy for deep people.

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