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Ash to Scyther: I ended up winning a few, yeah. Most memorable… probably some of those adventures with raging legendaries and whatnot. Those always stand out a bit.

Weavile117, you cannot ask Chalenor anything, as he is both dead and has not had a speaking role in the story. But Arceus has pretty much sat in his own universe without communicating, yeah, mostly asleep.

Mark: Maybe. I guess traveling is inspirational to people, and I'd like to see the legendary birds and stuff when they've been freed, but I'm not too keen on traveling, at least by foot. Maybe I'll just get a car.

As for my Pokémon, well, they'll have to choose that for themselves.

May: He's not really close to anyone. Doesn't like to be touched except by me, doesn't speak, and pretty much ignores everyone else. But he battles well and is obedient, so I'm not complaining.

Mew: The legendaries? They always exist. After the War, the Creator's first job is to recreate the legendaries so that they can guard the Pokémon of the world and maintain balance in it. That is how it is and has always been.

Entei is a separate individual from Heatran, and he resides in Johto while Heatran guards Stark Mountain in Sinnoh. Some of their powers are similar, others not.

Chalenor was… a good friend. He was kind, caring, intelligent, courageous and loyal. I wish he weren't gone.

Diamond: It's pretty fun. I like it, as long as it doesn't last too long.

Vicky: *smiles mysteriously* That's for those who battle us to find out.


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