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As twiggylover pointed out, puredragon222's question was asked just a page or two ago.

Chaletwo to SilverLatios47: What do you mean? It has happened twice, although I think the time with the Manectric it was Alan who asked. That hardly sets a trend. I don't know what was up with Suicune, but the Manectric's body was just too damaged.

Resurrection is impossible more often than you'd think. Simple damage can be repaired by speeding up and helping the normal healing process along, but if you've got crushed bones or other irreversibly destroyed tissues, you can't repair it just like that, and recombining the soul with the body in that state would only lead to it dying painfully again.

Mark to hellfirehoundoom: Um, well, I'd still like a Vulpix. Do the Pokémon I actually have count? If so, I always wanted a Charizard as a kid. Growlithe too, really - I like a lot of Fire-types. Pidgeot too - I think they're beautiful and I like birds. And Taillow.

May to hellfirehoundoom: Well. I've got Skarmory and Tyranitar; that's two I really like. Flygon too, and Mutark though now that I've actually used her I'm a little disappointed. Outside of that, there's Garchomp, Salamence, Weavile, maybe Absol.

Ash to hellfirehoundoom: He's great. Been sort of bored since I stopped serious training, though; I try to take him on vacations so we can spend some time traveling together like the old days and fight a few battles.

Dragonite to hellfirehoundoom: Well, we were brought up in a sort of natural park with something of a population of Dratini, Dragonair and Dragonite. There were humans always sort of watching over us and checking on us regularly. When we were old enough they started to talk to us about whether we'd like to stay there or be released, and whether we'd like to be released near a human-populated area or not.

Tyranitar to hellfirehoundoom: …

Scyther to twiggylover: Annoyed, mostly. He decided to antagonize me for no good reason and then wouldn't leave me alone.

Stormblade to twiggylover: I have a new friend in Nightmare, but she's not quite the same. I miss Razor and Shadowdart sometimes, but mostly it's different. Really, things have changed many times - first when Razor left, then when I met Pearl, then when she died, then when Shadowdart died… This is just another change.

Nightmare to twiggylover: It was horrible. I had no idea how to use the pincers. I kept trying to use them the way I would use my scythes and failing miserably.

He was attacked a while ago, yes. It was some Sneasel, apparently.


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