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Hmm… Have you ever been the victim of discrimination due to your being an atheist?
(Jeez, that's worded ackwardly…)
No, not really.

What made you decide to give Volcaryu to Carl?
It was just the sort of thing Carl would do, so he did it. And it offers lovely opportunity for Chaletwo to get all worried in his subtly-fatherly ways.

What are you favorite animes/mangas?
They don't show any anime over here and I've never been into either anime or manga at all; my boyfriend has showed me a couple of episodes of various anime and gotten me to read a couple of manga books, but it would be wildly irresponsible of me to start picking a favorite based on that. Quite literally the only non-Pokémon anime I've seen any substantial number of episodes of is Neon Genesis Evangelion, which he made me watch in its entirety. Even so, I never got that much into it, really (maybe I just need to watch it again to properly get what the hell is going on). So I'm… eh, not really qualified to answer this question.

Do you watch subbed anime, or other TV programs, exluding Pokémon?
As I said, my boyfriend likes to show me things he likes, but I rarely see more than a few episodes of whatever he's most obsessed with at any given moment.

Do you like dubbed anime in general?
Judging from Evangelion and Pokémon, I tend not to be too fond of English dub voice acting, but again, not really qualified to answer. Actually I think they are quite literally the only dubbed anime I have ever seen.

Have you always been a perfectionist?
Pretty much.

Do you think Ash's Chimchar will evolve?
I have not seen a single episode of D/P and exactly one post-Kanto episode. I'm really not qualified to answer that question. Hell, I didn't even know his Chimchar hadn't evolved yet.

Do you like exploiting glitches in Video Games?
Trying them is often fun if they have interesting or bizarre effects. Actually exploiting them tends to take the fun out of it.

How much, on a regular day, TV do you watch?
About six minutes average. This would be because I watch a 45-minute episode of Lost once a week. :P Well, okay, my boyfriend downloads House and I watch that with him, but that's on his computer so it's not technically TV.

Are you fluent in any languages other than English and Icelandic?
No, but I speak a little bit of Danish and German and a very, very tiny bit of Japanese.



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Do you feel magical now that your all graduated and such? Or do you feel like it's just like summer?
More or less like it's just summer. At least "magical" is not the word to describe it. It's funny to think about the fact I'm never going back to my old school as a student, but I'm not all "I have graduated so now I am Superman!" or something.

So, any thoughts on colloges? Then again, you don't need much more knowladge if your a web designer. (Or a writer. Or some person who makes really good rants. Or a plot developer for GameFreak…)
Technically the school I just graduated from is more of a college than a high school, but our school system is too different from yours.

I'm going to the university of Iceland to study computer science next fall.

Also, according to your LiveJournal, your pretty good at remebering dreams. Ever consider Lucid dreaming?
I've had a lucid dream once. It was pretty awesome, but rather short.

I've read all that "How to induce lucid dreaming!" stuff, but my dreams are generally just about completely unrelated to what I was doing or thinking about before I went to sleep, so I really don't think it would work very well. And I never dream about places with light switches in them, so how am I supposed to check if they work?

How much attention do you pay to the anime? I've never really given much credence to it, preferring how the games view things (eg Pokemon making sounds instead of saying their names), but recently I've been watching the first series online, and it's really good. Overall, it looks like TQftL is very similar to the anime, but I'm wondering how much is just your common sense and how much is actually drawn from the anime.
I only ever saw the first 52 episodes, since that's all that was broadcast here, plus all the movies except 6 and 7. Generally I regard the fic as being set in the anime's world (what with Ash being there and all), so I try to be mostly consistent with it (the exception is that the fic mythology needs all legendaries to be one-of-a-kind and immortal, so whatever involves multiple legendaries of the same type is disregarded). Otherwise it's just, well, whatever I think of. Were you wondering about something specific?

Question 1: if satoshi tajiri offered you $500,000 (or whatever that equals to in icelandic money if there is a special currency for you) to turn your story into an anime/manga, would you accept it?
…who in the world wouldn't? I'd get rich and get more publicity plus illustration for my fic. Of course I would. And if I didn't like the outcome, I'd just declare it noncanon and continue writing. :P

…unless you meant I'd have to pay him $500,000, in which case there's not a chance in hell. I love my monies too much. Plus I don't actually have that kind of money anyway.

Question 2: if he asked you if he could use your fake pokemon in his games, would you let him?
Depends. If I got credit for it and they didn't bastardize them, sure.



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I like to think they retired from the organization and did something fun with their lives.


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