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Hmm… Have you ever been the victim of discrimination due to your being an atheist?
(Jeez, that's worded ackwardly…)
No, not really.

What made you decide to give Volcaryu to Carl?
It was just the sort of thing Carl would do, so he did it. And it offers lovely opportunity for Chaletwo to get all worried in his subtly-fatherly ways.

What are you favorite animes/mangas?
They don't show any anime over here and I've never been into either anime or manga at all; my boyfriend has showed me a couple of episodes of various anime and gotten me to read a couple of manga books, but it would be wildly irresponsible of me to start picking a favorite based on that. Quite literally the only non-Pokémon anime I've seen any substantial number of episodes of is Neon Genesis Evangelion, which he made me watch in its entirety. Even so, I never got that much into it, really (maybe I just need to watch it again to properly get what the hell is going on). So I'm… eh, not really qualified to answer this question.

Do you watch subbed anime, or other TV programs, exluding Pokémon?
As I said, my boyfriend likes to show me things he likes, but I rarely see more than a few episodes of whatever he's most obsessed with at any given moment.

Do you like dubbed anime in general?
Judging from Evangelion and Pokémon, I tend not to be too fond of English dub voice acting, but again, not really qualified to answer. Actually I think they are quite literally the only dubbed anime I have ever seen.

Have you always been a perfectionist?
Pretty much.

Do you think Ash's Chimchar will evolve?
I have not seen a single episode of D/P and exactly one post-Kanto episode. I'm really not qualified to answer that question. Hell, I didn't even know his Chimchar hadn't evolved yet.

Do you like exploiting glitches in Video Games?
Trying them is often fun if they have interesting or bizarre effects. Actually exploiting them tends to take the fun out of it.

How much, on a regular day, TV do you watch?
About six minutes average. This would be because I watch a 45-minute episode of Lost once a week. :P Well, okay, my boyfriend downloads House and I watch that with him, but that's on his computer so it's not technically TV.

Are you fluent in any languages other than English and Icelandic?
No, but I speak a little bit of Danish and German and a very, very tiny bit of Japanese.



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Favorite aniamal, if you have one?

Is there anything you'd like to rant or ramble about at the current moment?
Sure! Næturvaktin, this Icelandic TV show I'm obsessed with at the moment, is really ridiculously good. It's about these three guys working a night shift at a gas station: the boss from hell who is the most intolerable man imaginable, a really stupid and naïve guy with the same given names as the president of Iceland, and a normal, intelligent young guy who happens to have no backbone whatsoever, and it chronicles their daily routine at work (though the sequels move the setting elsewhere) where the first-mentioned abuses the other two in every imaginable way and they're too timid to do anything about it. What makes it so good is that they're not just this sitcom cast of a few exaggerated personalities stuck together in the hopes of creating hilarious jokes; they have extremely well-developed backgrounds and the intricacies of their personalities are clearly created as the psychological end product of these backgrounds and feel completely natural as such. As a result, they feel really sympathetic and understandable and you care about them right away (or rather, despise the boss and care about the others), in a way that I've never seen another TV show do so quickly and powerfully, much less a comedy. And it's also hilarious. And the guys who play the main characters are probably the only actors in Iceland who can actually sound believable when they talk, which is a big plus.



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Nope, sorry, can't give you any tips.

What is your favorite country that you've been to?
Didn't I answer this sometime? Probably Australia.

If I met you, would your english be as good as any American/Brit?
No. The bad thing about learning a language like English through reading/writing is you never have the faintest idea how half of the words you know are pronounced. Mostly I tend to make the mistake of assuming they're pronounced similar to some related words, like they would be in a sensible language. Also my accent sounds like a bad attempt at some sort of a midwestern US something, which it pretty much is.

And do you flick your tongue a lot in Icelandic?
…what? I mean, what constitutes "tongue-flicking" in your mind? All language involves flicking your tongue here and there in your mouth. Are you thinking of something specific?

Are you sad for Doctor David Tennant?
I've never watched a single episode of Doctor Who, so um, no, I can't really say I am. But from what I know about him, I probably will be once I do see it, so.


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