Mark Greenlet

This section applies to the IALCOTN.

Mark is the main character of The Quest for the Legends, and most of the story is told from his point of view.

He is eleven (his birthday being June 9th), likes drawing and is obsessed with legendary Pokémon. His favorite Pokémon are Lugia and Articuno; if legendaries don't count, it's Vulpix. He actually likes Vulpix because of the one Mr. Flintlake, his Pokémon Speech teacher, owns and uses for assistance in his classes. When he was little, he wanted a Charizard, but that's pretty much every little boy's dream, so that doesn't mean much.

His best friend is named Alex and is from Sailance like Mark. Alex got a Totodile from Ash Ketchum in Green Town last year and has been writing Mark, but he doesn't really like reading the letters because they make him jealous.

He would say that his worst enemy is Mrs. Grodski, the Battling teacher, who heartily hates him back. He isn't really the best of students in Battling, mainly because he always saw it as a waste of time; his parents had forbidden him to become a Pokémon trainer. They decided this only a few months before Mark was to set off. Naturally, this frustrated him a lot, seeing as he had already had to wait almost a full year after he turned ten. (The starter Pokémon giveaway is in late May, and the rules state that only trainers who have already turned ten may receive a starter Pokémon.)

Mark still dreamt of becoming a Pokémon trainer. In fact, he had secret plans of running away from home if they wouldn't let him become a trainer before he turned thirteen. However, unexpected circumstances led to Mark's parents abruptly changing their minds...