This section applies to the ILCOE.

Victor is a Dark-type Pokémon trainer who dreams of one day owning a Dark Gym and meets the main characters at several points in the story. His Pokémon are Ferocious the Mightyena, Malicious the Absol, Vicious the Sharpedo, Insidious the Cacturne, Dubious the Sableye and Precious the Mutark.


Age (current)
Generally average.
Dark brown.
Black and long, reaching just past his shoulders.
A large black cloak that completely covers whatever he might be wearing underneath it.

Pre-Story Biography

Victor hails from Fortree City, Hoenn, and his first Pokémon was a Poochyena he named Ferocious. He has always loved Dark Pokémon and longed to run his own Gym one day, but on his original Hoenn journey he merely collected a solid team of five, which he then continued to train.

Then, however, he learned of the Acaria City Gym, previously Flying-type, being converted into a Dark-themed Gym, and he immediately decided to try to earn the position of a junior trainer there. After earning some money to travel to Ouen, he went there with a travel plan of first heading to Route 317 to catch the Ouen-native Mutark, then attending the Pokémon Festival in Green Town to see Chaletwo, and finally heading to Acaria City after that in the hope of impressing the Gym leader Diana.

Character Rambles

Hee. I completely adore Victor and I have no idea why. If I remember correctly I just wrote him into the original chapter sixteen in order to introduce what I thought was the most awesome fake Pokémon ever, Mutark, but then I randomly gave him a full team of Dark Pokémon as some sort of a "Look! Ruby and Sapphire just came out!" thing, and eventually in fact gave him some humongous backstory that I then proceeded to completely forget because there was never any occasion to actually include it in the fic. Later I then made another fairly simple backstory for him, which is what you see here.

Him wanting to be a junior trainer at the Acaria City Gym was put in right there in the original, but I think I knew immediately when I wrote him in that I wanted him to end up as an assistant Gym leader by the time Mark and May actually got there, because I remember very early thinking up the bit of dialogue where Diana and Victor step out, Mark and May are dumbfounded to find Victor there and he explains that he came to be a junior trainer but she decided to make him assistant Gym leader instead. (Originally, she made him assistant Gym leader mainly because she was impressed by his Hoenn Pokémon; in the chapter as it was finally written, she just thought his Pokémon were that strong, since now that the fourth generation is out and there have been Hoenn Pokémon all over the place in the fic since chapter seventeen, it didn't make sense for her to be so amazed at just that.)

Ultimately, Victor is a very minor character, but who knows? Perhaps he'll get a slight expansion of his role in the IALCOTN. I do plan to do something about his nonsensical refusal to just tell Mark what Mitch said immediately, probably by having him tell them about the Pokémon Festival before Mitch has his feeling.