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Sparky is the leader of the Stormy Town Gym, inherited from his father.


Age (current)
Thin and shortish.
Very short and dyed bright blue, along with a goatee in the same color. His real hair color is black.
Generally shorts or jeans and usually light blue T-shirts. Usually wears a pair of opaque silver shades.
Sparky and his Swellow; Birthday Sparky, by elyvorg

Pre-Story Biography

Sparky's mother died from ovarian cancer when he was seven years old. During the long battle with the disease, his father - the previous Stormy Town Gym leader - tried to teach him to be cheerful and optimistic even in the face of grave situations and to appreciate the wonder that is life while it lasts. While this cast a shadow over Sparky's childhood, his father's attitude eventually stuck with him, and Sparky has lived by these principles since, giving him strength even as his father also died of a premature heart attack and left him alone to take over the Gym at the age of nineteen.

He went on a Pokémon journey when he was ten like most children, using a Magnemite his father gave him as a starter, and caught a variety of Pokémon, both Electric-type and otherwise. He traveled with his friend Joy who would later become the resident Nurse Joy of Stormy Town, and even in adulthood, they remain best friends and work together on the cause of keeping their beloved Stormy Town alive by providing all services to visiting trainers and enduring despite the place's persistent thunderstorms.

Character Rambles

Ah, Sparky. Refreshingly for a character in this fic, he is quite happy, content, well-adjusted and mentally stable, and I love him for that; his unending cheerfulness and good humour really livened up the early-thirties chapters, and I was sad to see the kids finally leave Stormy Town. He will have something of a cameo later in the fic, though I'd like to stuff in even more of him; he is just such fun to write. I also really love Sparky's father, from what little we know about him. He just seems like an amazing father to have, and though mine is pretty awesome too, I'm still kind of jealous. :P

It is kind of cruel to make such an utterly delightful and lovable guy be an orphan, but I knew from the start that his mother had died from cancer when he was little, and his father wouldn't have left Stormy Town or the Gym unless he'd died at some point too, so. :( Sorry, Sparky. I'm glad you love the universe even though it seems to hate you!

Anyway, Sparky's generally stellar mental health makes him a bit less rambleworthy than some of the other delightfully messed up characters in this fic, I'm afraid, so I think this will be it.