The Fall of a Leader: Trigger Warning

People who have gone through traumatic experiences may be left with 'PTSD triggers', where narratives or normally innocuous events that remind them of their trauma can trigger a flashback to the emotions associated with the original trauma. Being triggered is often an extremely traumatic experience in itself. I provide general content warnings about my fics (on the Legal page for the story in general, and separately for each story on the Spin-Offs page) partly to avoid inadvertently triggering readers as far as possible; however, sometimes the presence of some element is a spoiler for that story, and then I'd rather not include it in the general content warnings. In order to avoid triggering readers anyway, I decided the most sensible choice would be to make a special page that readers who need to worry about triggering can read and others can leave alone.

Thus, if you do not have PTSD and have not yet read The Fall of a Leader, do not view the trigger warning. All it will do is spoil the story for you.

To view the trigger warning, click here.

In addition to the violence, blood and character death warned for in its description, The Fall of a Leader also features rape of a sexually mature but socially underage character, portrayed (but not described graphically) from the perpetrator's point of view. Moreover, the rapist goes on to blame the victim and decide that they wanted it, while the victim commits suicide.