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Same here, what's an RP? And the fics should be updated more. I could try to write a fic, but 1. my writing is suckish, and last time I asked someone to read it they went blind. O.K. not really, they just had to get laser eye surgery. 2. I don't own a computer, I just own a Dsi which I am typing on now, but you have to punch in each number and it takes forever. Eh, I guess I'll try anyways. - FOR THE CAVE!!!!!!!

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Well has that rp plan been started yet(just curious)


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Niet. Otherwise, you would know it. If someone came up with a /concept/ for it, I guess I could organize it, though I really think Twigg. Should do it, since he's more experianced with this type of thing.


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How would an RPG forum work??? As far as I know, RPG stands for Role-Playing Game. So would it be a forum about the RPG or what?

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Well, I think the inactivity in forums is because no much people know The Quest For The Legends, Butterfree, you could put the link to this page in a greater place than that Ninetales in the dusty corner, I think it's fault of people not knowing this place, rather than evil forums stealing viewers.


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For context, the QftL forum used to be pretty active in ~2007/8 or so. I'm not puzzled viewers aren't magically coming to a forum I make no effort to advertise; I was watching a formerly active forum die off and pondering ways to boost it back up. But you may or may not have noticed, this thread was posted in 2008 and you are literally the only person who's posted in the QftL discussion forum in months, so it's a pretty dead horse at this point. The forum's not going to be revived unless some strange magic happens, and I've accepted that for years.

(Also, I think you misunderstand. There was no "evil forum stealing viewers"; I said the forum died with the "Your Own Fanfiction" forum, as in the forum by that name on these forums, as in this forum in general started dying off when people stopped posting their fics in that subforum. I wasn't suggesting everyone had gone off to some other forum.)


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