Random things that you feel like are true for not much of a reason/with NO/very little proof

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Like with me: for some reason i feel like there is a connection of some sort between Mitch and chaletwo. I have no idea why i think that; my mind just thinks "mitch+chaletwo=SOMETHING"
anyone else ever think random stuff about this fic like that?

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I'm fairly sure the whole point of having Mitch was to be mysterious. He could just as easily be connected to something else like Waraider


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I think Mrs. Grotwenski (or wathever her name is) is the destroyer. Why? In first place, stupid 12 years-old Butterfree would have liked the bizarre idea of a teacher destroying the World. Second: The Effect. The destroyer hipotetocally only affects legendaries, but I think it would be able to affect normal Pokemon if they are near. Based on this, Mrs. Grotwenski drains some normal Pokemon's power in Sailance, causing The Effect. I think she doesn't know she is the destroyer, and that she doesn't know that she is millenary and inmortal, but still, is the destroyer or is related to it.


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One of Chaletwo's comments, though a throwaway, suggests that Pokémon can appreciate human art. Given how Sandslash has a thoughtful, careful nature that matches his trainer's, I imagine he's a lot more interested in Mark's drawings than the rest of his team is.

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