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Chapter 54: Reunion

It's the shortest chapter in a while, at only six pages, but there is stuff happening in it.

Some ramblings, because I'm in a rambly mood; not exactly spoilery:

I love Chaletwo's self-deprecatingness. To be honest I never really took special note of it before, what with my characters being written on instinct more than with any conscious awareness of their individual traits, but then today I was on the bus reading over the chapter and I suddenly realized, oh, God, Chaletwo hates himself. Well, not quite hates himself, but he's so delightfully bitter about his own mistakes and failures and uselessness and how little he knows. It's so fun being able to constantly discover new things about the characters I made up. Which sounds completely paradoxical, but yeah.

This chapter contains the strongest language in this entire fic. Scyther's Story had a couple of F-words, but the worst the main fic has used until now is 'damn'. This has been in the planning for stupidly long; one of the reasons I included silly detailed ratings with the early HMMRCIG chapters when I posted them on forums for the longest time was so that I could suddenly warn for more profanity than usual in this chapter. It's not even all that remarkable when it's used, but hopefully the sudden precision F-strike adds a little impact.

I was also reading through the chapter plan and am starting to think I should really make a bit more out of a couple of plot points than currently planned. Hmm.



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“Wait,” he began. “Wasn’t Taylor was killed by a…”
Just thought you should know.

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Well, Alan took it all well.

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Paradoxical. I like that word.
Feel sorry for Alan. Yay! I'm back with my friends! Time for an adventure! Oh, wait, they're twelve, and they're murderers.

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May must be having fun right about now.

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Man, there were a lot of typos that got through in this chapter even though it's short and I proofread it twice. o_O Which might be because a good chunk of it was tweaked or added on the second proofreading, but still.

I had much fun torturing everyone in this chapter. Maybe I should have named it The Chapter Where Everyone Feels Like Crap (Except the Random Teenage Blonde).


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Rich was certainly a surprise. I really like Alan in this chapter… maybe because that would be how I reacted given the circumstances.

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"I had much fun torturing everyone in this chapter. Maybe I should have named it The Chapter Where Everyone Feels Like Crap (Except the Random Teenage Blonde)."

Well, the Random Teenage Blonde was bored at work, so I'll bet she felt like crap too. :P

I have to confess, I was rather disappointed with how short this chapter was and how… little happened in it, especially considering how long it took.

That said, it wasn't bad. Alan's reaction was pretty expected, and I can see why you felt attached to Molzapart's character. I just wish a little more happened.


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A bored-looking blonde teenage girl with gout behind the counter



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ya! it was short. and odd…

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That was… odd.

The F-word is nice. It's really fun to say when you trip or drop something. :3

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