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One thing I've been toying with the thought of making for a while, either as extras to appropriate chapters or as a section on this minipage, is a series of articles detailing in-depth how some aspects of this fic's world work. Possible subjects could for instance be souls, the Destroyer's power draining, Chaletwo's physical anchor to Mark's brain, perhaps something about the Scyther swarm, even little stuff like the League system, or some reader-suggested topic, if you're curious about something in particular.

Obviously all significant information in such articles would also be revealed within the text of the fic, but less important tidbits that have no place in the story could be brought to light there, and perhaps some information that will only be revealed later in the story might come up. Besides that over the course of a 76-chapter fic, some information inevitably ends up kind of scattered, and collecting everything about some set subjects in one place might help readers keep track of it (and, in the case of less fundamental stuff, stop me from contradicting myself in the future).

Would you be interested in this sort of thing? What sorts of subjects would you like to see written about?




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Sounds like a good idea, but I'd prefer to have them as extras to chapters above gining in an own section.


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Destroyer's power draining? Oh, yes. Let us speculate. :3 And souls. And anything else related to the War which you would be able to explain the mechanics of which could lead to speculation.

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Its own section in my opinion. Put in anything you want to, but I think taking our suggestions/questions is a very good idea. I would like to know about the whole T/HM thing (you contradicted yourself there) and wild pokemon societies.

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This would be awesome; I would definitely read it, if only because I am a lifeless nerd.

I'd be really interested in learning about the whole 'chosen' thing for Spirit and Gyarados. For instance, how does the process of it work? Why are the symbols the way they are? Were their unusual abilities something that resulted in them being 'chosen,' or were they the result of being 'chosen'? Why do they become lighter colors?

I'm not going to say anything about Raikou here because you pretty much stuck and axe through that conversation.

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I am pretty interested in any articles about the War of the Legends. I definitely think that articles in there own section is a good idea… with maybe a link to the article at the bottom of the chapter the article originates from.

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That'd be really cool. :D Any subject would be interesting, really, at least for me.



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Oh yes, please. Having stuff like this written out would save us all from having to hear people say "Wait, I don't get it." And then it would save us all from hearing you talk about those people.
I'm interested in pretty much any article you put out, as long as it contains interesting information that isn't just common sense.



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Making these articles have their own section sound a lot more organized. A brief history of the Ouen region might be cool.


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Well, this would be a matter of relevant preexisting worldbuilding that actually needs some explaining - a TM/HM article would pretty much consist of "Oops, I slipped up there, so ignore that bit." (Though I have actually also been toying with the idea of making a section of known errors and inconsistencies just to apologize for them and be sure to fix them in the IALCOTN.) Most wild Pokémon societies (pretty much everything except Scyther and Letaligon) also aren't actually relevant to the fic, so making articles about them would involve making stuff up specifically for the article - also not really the sort of thing I'm going for here.

I'd be really interested in learning about the whole 'chosen' thing for Spirit and Gyarados. For instance, how does the process of it work? Why are the symbols the way they are? Were their unusual abilities something that resulted in them being 'chosen,' or were they the result of being 'chosen'? Why do they become lighter colors?
A good deal of this was explained in chapter 51 - legendary picks out several Pokémon as candidates and gives them some powers as well as marking them with darker colors than usual in order to recognize them more easily, puts them through some hardships to test their potential and let them realize their powers, and finally picks the best one to be the actual Chosen and carry the soul gems, which also includes marking them with a lighter color than usual (again, so they can be more easily recognized). The symbols are arbitrary but also there to be recognizable. Suicune was technically still testing his candidates when Gyarados threatened him and he saw his best option as being to immediately 'choose' Gyarados and create the soul gems on the spot; Entei, meanwhile, had decided on Spirit beforehand, the way they intended, and told her she was special and chosen (so that she would consider herself and her life important and could tell others in order to inspire the respect and reverence both humans and Pokémon usually reserve for legendaries) while leaving out the part where the point of the whole ordeal is just saving his ass while hijacking the lives of other innocent Pokémon (so as to avoid dissenters like Gyarados deciding the whole thing is preposterous and doing their best to destroy the all-important gems).

Aaand that would be an example of the general sort of thing these articles might be like - written in a more organized manner and going into more detail, of course, but just taking the stuff mentioned and implied in the chapter and summarizing and elaborating on it to provide a better view of the big picture. I might well do one on the Chosen (going into more details on this), but probably only after I finish that Spirit one-shot I was talking about a while ago, since that would touch on other bits.

Actually the first one I'd like to do would be about the concept of power in the QftL universe, which would probably be lumped in with the Destroyer's power draining thing.




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Awesome idea. I'd be interested in pretty much anything. Chaletwo's anchor to Mark's brain sounds particularly cool, and so does everything else.

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I'd definitely read these if you decide to do it. I think they should be in their own section, not as chapter extras. (Also, only 76 chapters? Is that just what you have planned so far or is that the definite ending?)



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I'd definitely read these, and I also recommend putting them in their own section. I would be more interested in more sort of minutiae about Ouen as opposed to story-based things, although the story-based items are clearly more likely to be written. Really, I'm fine either way, so don't go out of your way to make articles about Ouen.

One article in particular I'd be interested in would be on how and why Aquarium City stays underwater, which might not be relevant, but it does have the potential to be interesting.


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(Also, only 76 chapters? Is that just what you have planned so far or is that the definite ending?)
That's the definite ending, unless I end up splitting up some of what's currently supposed to be a single chapter or otherwise tweak the chapter structure. The fic has been planned chapter by chapter to the end already; it's just a matter of writing it.




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Aha! Perfect. I always seem to forget stuff from waaaaaay back when. This would be nice.

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I would very much enjoy something like this. Something explaining the mechanics behind the region and its traditions, history, et cetera. I especially agree with something on the Chosens, and I, for one, would want it to go more in-depth on the reason and when these Legends began to decide on Chosens (I know some of that was explained in the chapter, but I'd want it more in-depth).

Either way, great idea – and in its own section, please.

@Shpewn - Ooh, that Aquarium City article would be interesting….


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That does sound pretty cool; I think you should give them their own sections. All the stuff you mentioned are good ideas.

Oh, and since I probably won't be on here tomorrow, happy early birthday, TQftL. :D

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I love that idea, and support in every way.

Having them just as chapter extras would make them somewhat hard to track down; having their own sections with a possible brief list of the chapters it is relevant to, seems to be more easily accesible. Or both? but that wouldnt make much sense.

But yes. Anything that generates speculation. Especially that way-off speculation that makes you cackle evilly.

A potential Aquarium city article sounds really interesting.

Still waiting desperately for the next chapter.

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