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Guess what! Chapter 54 isn't on page one anymore!

So yeah, the beginning was annoying to do, but now I'm past that and I'm on a roll. It's not going to be a very long chapter, so I've set myself a deadline of sorts - I'm going to try to get this chapter up on the fic's eighth birthday, the nineteenth (next Saturday). No guarantees here, but hey, I'm going to try.

On another note, I just ran into a… most interesting problem.

You see, I'm starting to kind of like Molzapart.

The idea of cutting Molzapart out of the fic has always been kind of sentimentally hard, what with nostalgia and everything, but hey, I'd steeled myself up into deciding I'm going to cut him out in the IALCOTN despite that. Fair enough. I mean, Molzapart was never that much of a character anyway, so who cares about cutting him out, right?

However, now I was writing this scene in chapter 54, and I realized Molzapart was going to participate in it, and now he's all there raging at Chaletwo and I think I'm starting to love him a little bit as a character. D: I mean, I was planning to have lots of fun with Mementity, but she wouldn't chew Chaletwo out like this and now I'm having this awful, "Aww, but it won't be the saaaame" feeling. Because Mementity is already defined as a character in my head and she's different and I can't just make her like Molzapart suddenly and argh.

Now I'm really hoping the fifth generation introduces a memory-based legendary that I could feel right about transferring Molzapart's personality onto. Because now he's actually getting scenes and being a character and I have the feeling by the time I'm done with the ILCOE I'm going to love him way too much to just erase him from existence. D:

Yeah. That was me rambling about my silly sentimental foolishness. Ignore me.



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First comment! :O

Well. I love your rants. They're fun to read when I'm bored. :D

I would actually like it if Molzapart stayed for the IALCOTN, though it may be my hatred for anything relating to Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf. :x

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Well, I am a bit surprised at this turn of events. I, unlike Steele, was prepared to see no more of Molzapart and see Memenity in the IALCOTN. However, if you decided to keep Molzapart or transfer his personality to a fifth gen, then I wouldn't be too upset =D

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Dang it, I loved the idea of Mementity even though I knew next to nothing about her. I've never been too fond of Molzapart myself, at least not like Chaletwo, but as you said, he wasn't much of a character. Maybe Chapter 54 will change my mind.

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He wouldn't happen to be raging at Chaletwo because he's figured out about the Dragon Trio, would he?
I agree with Steele in that you will never be ignored.

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Oh, I'm not keeping Molzapart. As a concept, he's just too damn stupid for that. But I'm starting to really want to keep his character intact, not because he's particularly interesting or anything but just because I'm being a sentimental sap about it. Hence the "ignore me" bit.




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I've always felt wierdly attached to Molzapart. No idea why, probably no good reason. Sad but inevitable for him to go.

So exactly what is Mementity like, if I'm allowed to ask?


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Argh I know what you mean… I can't create anything without the same basic character in everything. But uh

If it was me and I'd already made Mementity into a character and didn't want to change the personality… I'd probably make another new character XD I've done it maybe twice before (and one ended up being the original character's twin XD)

You still have the ILCOE for Molzapart, though. It could be like the ILCOE (Molzapart version) and the IALCOTN (Mementity version) or something if you really wanted to. I also support the idea of a 5th gen legendary :3 let's just hope that a relevant one comes around.

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At first, I thought you meant you were keeping Molzapart around, who I personally never liked the idea for (nor Raienteicune, the only two real things I dislike about the fic), until I saw the second post about just keeping his character around. That I fully support, if there's a way. Just throwin' that out there.



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i like your idea of hoping for the memory based legendary. and this is actually the first time i've ever heard of Mementity haha

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Well, if the fifth gen does release something memory-based (which I see as HIGHLY unlikely), then I'd be fine with his character staying. I always felt an odd attachment to that, well, odd character.

I was kind of sold on Mementity, though… but whatever. XD



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I've also always liked Molzapart - his wryness appeals to me.

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