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And the battle begins… C'mon Syctherian Poetry, hit me with your best Pok√©mon. No Legendaries!
HFHD sends out: Well.. umm… Level 100 Houndoom (HellFire)

Scytherian Poetry

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Mkay. I actually took the time to level up a Magikarp all the way to 100. I win. Flail, biatch!

"Life is too important to be taken seriously"


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Hellfire: *@_@*
HFHD: Aww crap.
Here, you won this. *Gives out badge that looks like a magikarp wearing underpants on its head/fin*


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I think MayxMark is incredibly unlikely.

In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Butterfree added something random at the end just to throw off shippers. MarkxGodroski, anyone?

Also, there's the fact of Ash's wife… It has to be a Jynx. Think about it; his mom keeps a male Pokemon around the house, so why wouldn't Ash?

Sands Buisle

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That is just plain twisted on so many levels.

Please check out my Fan Fics (They're in this forum).

I'm not always rational, but I think people think I am.

… errazib nialp tsuj era serutangis emos ,wonk ouy.

Buisle is the ruler of the seven seas of sand, it is the terror of all Floatzel!

Man, I wrote Fics of three different Pokemon story types! What's next?! A wild Pokemon fic?! Hmmmmm…


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You weirdos. (Weirdos…Weirdoes?) Sticking to the subject, I would be sickened if there was any romance in this story it would ruin the drama and the suspense of it all if we have two characters making out behind a tree.

In memory of the poor Sealeo that my brother evolved…I'm so sorry! I never should have let him make you into an ugly Walrein!

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