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Just so you know,it's not finished.

In the region of Excitium,in Twigville, a trainer named Jeremy Ketchum was sitting in Excitium Pokémon University listening to a professors blabbering about his behavior. “Mr. Ketchum! Mr. Ketchum! MR. KETCHUM!” the professor screamed at the top of her lungs, finally getting Jeremy’s attention. “Huh…sorry Professor Maple. I was just thinking of what my father said to me.” Jeremy said. “What did he say?” Professor Maple questioned. “He said that if I don’t get at least a C in coordination he won’t let me be the next Elite Four Champion, following his legacy. Instead my fourteen-year-old sister Jamie will take the position, and she only has a Metapod she found last month!” Jeremy explained. His father, Ash Ketchum, was the best trainer in the world, and Elite Four Champion. The professor said that Jeremy can’t keep this behavior up or she’ll expel him and then let him go.
Just as he was about to leave, Jeremy bumped into Spencer Fulwalit, the richest student in the school. He had millions of dollars because his dad owned Pokécorp, a pokémon technology company. “Move it, Jerry Ketchit!” Spencer ordered. “It’s Jeremy Ketchum, and I don’t have to move,” Jeremy countered. “If I beat you in a pokémon battle, which we both know I will, will you leave the school?” Spencer asked, annoyed. “You win a battle against me? And this is coming from the guy with a super-nerd dad, to the son of the Elite Four Champion,” Jeremy said, thinking the challenge was pathetic. “Fine, let’s see about that!” Spencer challenged. “Okay. Go! Haunter!” Jeremy said, starting the battle. “Go, Meowth!” Spencer said. “A Meowth? Are you serious?” Jeremy said insultingly. “Payday!” Spencer said. “Normal doesn’t effect ghost!” Jeremy said. “Dang it,” Spencer said angrily. “ Mach Punch!” Jeremy ordered Haunter. Haunter shot forward, and punched Meowth with a glowing fist, knocking it out instantly. “In your face!” Jeremy exclaimed excitedly.
“What are you doing here?” a voice asked. “Um…nothing Professor Maple,” Jeremy said. “You know there’s no battling on school campus unless it’s for Battling class.” Professor Maple scolded. “We’re sorry Professor Maple…” Jeremy and Spencer apologized. “Well, since it’s the last day of school, and I can’t punish you, you can go.” The professor said to them, sad she couldn’t punish these two students.
The next day, report cards came from EPU. “YES! I passed coordination!” Jeremy said excitedly. “Good job, son.” Ash Ketchum, Jeremy’s dad, said. “Now, I’m going to pack for my journey.” Jeremy announced to his family. He ran to his room, and two seconds after he got there, his mom said “Here are some clothes, and money for a pokédex.” Jeremy threw the clothes in his backpack and put his money in his pocket. Then, he put in his favorite book, PokéShadows, in the bag. He loved to read about Shadow pokémon, his favorite Shadow Entei. He was just about to step out of the building when his sister Jamie came and asked “Can I turn your room into a jungle for Metapod?” Good old Jamie Jeremy thought.
A week later they had to go to graduation. Jeremy went up and got his diploma and license. Then he went to the Pokémart. He found the pokédex aisle and was looking through them when he found one that was perfect. It was silver and had an image of Shadow Entei on it. He grabbed it and saw the sign saying that if you buy a pokédex, you get a free pokébelt with pokéballs on it. He went to the pokébelts section and grabbed a plain black belt. Then, he went to get a badge case. He got one that matched his pokédex, paid for everything and stepped outside. He went next door to the pokétch store. He got the last black one they had. He went up front to pay for it and the man said “Oh, that pokétch is very nice. And if you just graduated from a pokémon college, it’s absolutely free!” “Okay then, I’ll take it.” Jeremy said. He got the pokétch’s manual out and went to the “What’s Special About this Pokétch” section and it said:
This pokétch is not like all the others. It comes with 5 apps, and can hold up to 3,995 more!
It comes with: Clock, Notepad, Phone, Calculator, and Pokéspeech Translator
“Cool! So, let’s try the Pokéspeech Translator. Go Haunter!” He said throwing out Haunter’s pokéball out. “Hey, what’s up, Master?” the Haunter said. “Hey! You just talked!” Jeremy exclaimed excitedly “Well, get back in the pokéball.” Jeremy pulled Haunter back into the pokéball.
Jeremy went back home and when he got inside, Jamie ran up to him. “Metapod evolved, SUCKER!” Jamie said. “If you’re so good, battle me outside.” Jeremy challenged. “Okay, but I’ll win.” Jamie said to him. “GO, BUTTERFREE!” Jamie yelled once they got outside. “Let’s go, Haunter.” Jeremy said, releasing his pokémon.“Cut!” Jamie ordered Buterfree. “Ha, that doesn’t hurt me a bit, Jamie.” Haunter said. “Haunter, use Focus Blast!” Jeremy said to Haunter. Haunter used the move and it instantly knocked out Buterfree. “Man!” Jamie said sadly. Then, Haunter started glowing white. “AAAAHHH!” Haunter screamed in horror. Then, there was no Haunter, because he was now Gengar. “YES! YOU EVOLVED!” Jeremy screamed. “Big whoop,” Jamie said. Jeremy and Jamie walked inside and their mom said they had to have dinner. They sat down and had dinner.
During dinner they, like usual, had a conversation. “So, Jeremy, what are you planning to o on your journey?” Jeremy’s father asked. “Well, I’m planning to beat you in the end.” Jeremy said. “Okay, but are you only using Gengar for that?” his father said back. “No, I want to have a team of Gengar, Tyranitar, Gyrados, Garachomp, Umbreon, Dragonite. I don’t think I’ll get all of them though.” Jeremy said. All of a sudden, his pokétch started ringing. He answered it, and it was his friend Luke. “Hey Jeremy. I got some bad news.” Luke said, crying. “What’s up?” Jeremy asked. “Well, my brother was riding his bike down the Bike Path, and he crashed and fell of the path. They sent a search party and couldn’t find him. They thing he was attacked by the wild Ratticate in that area.” Luke said. Jeremy started crying. He was a friend to Luke’s brother Zak. “I’m so sor-“ then the line went dead. “What happened?” Jeremy’s parents asked. “Zak died. He fell of the Bike Path and was attacked by Ratticate.” Jeremy said, sobbing. “That’s so sad.” Jeremy’s mom said. Then Gengar escaped from the pokéball. “I must go to the Ghost World and keep Zak company.” Gengar said. Gengar loved Zak, almost as much as he loved Jeremy. “Okay, but what am I supposed to do? I can’t go on a journey without a pokémon” Jeremy pointed out. “You’ll have to get a starter like everyone else.” Gengar said. “Okay. Well Gengar, I guess this is goodbye.” Jeremy sobbed. “Goodbye.” Gengar said, then he faded away. Jeremy left to his room and sobbed. Gengar was his best friend. Now, he was gone.

Do you wanna play football?
No,I wanna play pokemon.

You wanna eat lunch?
No,I wanna play pokemon.

Wanna play pokemon?
No I wanna-wait sure!

Sands Buisle

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You should split it into paragraphs, you know, that way it'll be much easier to read, and normally you don't tell a person you're planning to beat what pokemon you're gonna' use, you know.

Anyway, its pretty good so far.

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i just think it's ironic. I'm using somebody named Prof. Maple, too. And

SSB if ur still reading my fasnfic dont read the rest of this pl0x. OK really, i have to admit its a big spoiler

my fanfic is about a daughter of Ash Ketchum, instead of a son. lol, great minds think alike, right?


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You don't know what irony is.


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I do too know what irony is. Don't make me go into a lecture my enlish teacher gave about all that stuff. *sheesh* Do you want me to give you an example?

anyways, I don't really care if you think I don't know what irony is (even though I went through the trouble of telling you I do).


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now isn't that ironic.


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No. Not really.


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I just noticed…don't you have to trade a haunter to evolve it into gengar? I don't remember seeing anything about Haunter being traded.
Update: nvm… im an idiot. >.< or am I…?

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