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07/28/2019: Commentary: chapter 67

Chapter 67: Friends (commentary)

This week's chapter of The Quest for the Legends was extremely bad in the NaNo draft, and as posted was less extremely bad but still pretty A-to-B as our heroes get back in contact with Leah (last seen in chapter 51), Victor (last seen in chapter 40) and Sparky (last seen in chapter 34) and prepare to see Carl (last seen in chapter 38). Meanwhile, Robin tries to confront May with not exactly the results that she wanted, I tell you about Robin's definitely real special connection to Rick, Mary's cameo is sadly cut, I manage to fix a mathfail, I fail to notice why Victor was actually being super-awkward until late in editing, I cut a bunch of overly complex logistics but keep the overly complex result of that whole thought process, and there is Sparky.


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