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10/28/2018: Commentary: chapter 21

The Pokémon Festival - May 21st: Evolution (commentary)

We finally start the Pokémon Festival arc! In this chapter, Mark is actually pretty good apart from the bit where he thinks everyone would be seriously tempted to throw a Pokéball if standing in front of a legendary, we learn that Eevee purr in this universe, the Pokémon Festival organizers are terrible, May is apparently better at recognizing her Pokémon from a distance than Mark is, and we watch a fun family event involving throwing rocks at Pokémon.
Commenting on: chapter 63


Chibi (10/28/2018 22:16:22)
As a fan of numbering conventions, I really like how you were able to perfectly split the fic into three sections of 25 chapters each capped off by a 5-chapter arc. I'm also still salty that I ruined it with LC, it was supposed to be 25 chapters per book, where did I go wrooooooong.

To this day I am still baffled that the Jolteon thing wasn't obvious. I remember being really confused by the Author's Note at the beginning of 22 and thinking "wait, what else could it have been."

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