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Latias spirit
Story: The Quest for the Legends (ILCOE)
Chapter: Chapter 2: The Book

You killed me with your 'what-weirdoes-those-adults-can-be'.

[01/10/2016 03:55:32]

Story: The Quest for the Legends (ILCOE)
Chapter: Chapter 2: The Book

I have always thought about what your average Mewthree would look like, and I guess this is a pretty good idea. Scary, wish I could've known what the one it's tied with is. You probably did that for suspense, right?

[10/30/2011 18:58:57]

Story: The Quest for the Legends (ILCOE)
Chapter: Chapter 2: The Book

First of all, I doubt someone would stop reading something so crucial due to the /time/. Isnt he supposed to be super interested in legendaries?

And just a little thing I noticed only once, and u might've just made a little mistake for all I know, but Pokemon doesnt need to be capitalized like Animals and Humans dont need to be.

Reply: I wrote that chapter in 2004. I'm well aware that most everything in it is dumb and that's why there's another revision there in which none of this happens. Please ignore it.

Whether to capitalize "Pokémon" and the names of Pokémon species is a hotly debated issue in the fanfiction community, but I do because that's the "official" way to do it (i.e. what you'll see on the official website, in official guides, on the game boxes and so on) and largely because of this, a lot of people, including me, are more used to seeing them capitalized and find the noncapitalized version jarring. This is a consistent and conscious choice.

[02/08/2011 05:45:26]

Just me, pokemon spriter lass
Story: The Quest for the Legends (ILCOE)
Chapter: Chapter 2: The Book

“We’re arguing over whether you will go psycho and kill me,” said Mark and shot a ‘what-weirdoes-those-adults-can-be’ look back at his parents. Charmander raised an eyebrow.~LOL!!! Hey, this makes me think of that move, Psycho Cut… Aha! My Mewtwo has it on PMD!!“You’re not funny, Mark. I mean… do you even have any idea how much that cup cost?”

“A lot, if I know you correctly,”
LOLOLOLOROFL!!!! What IDIOT talks about cups in the face of SUICIDE?!?! Oh, who cares.. LOL!

Reply: Yeeeeah, that chapter is silly. Hence the rewrite.

[01/21/2011 01:20:54]

Story: The Quest for the Legends (ILCOE)
Chapter: Chapter 2: The Book

There are some things that I've been wondering. I know, this is old (I first read this when I was ten!), but I can't resist asking anyway.

The Color Dragons story just doesn't make much sense. Why would Vaxil decide that dropping eggs in random, dangerous places in the wild would protect them? A volcano? Really? How, exactly, did they adapt so fast, and learn how to survive with no mother?

Then with the whole thing about one of the dragons kicking the other out of the cave… if the cave was Vaxil's home, and she owned it, and was the mother, and would be older and stronger… couldn't she have kicked him out instead? Or protested at ALL? Or just said no? Why send her to get the others? Why not go herself if she really wanted to see the others?

And it said "the cliff". Not "a cliff". THE cliff. I know, it's old, I just felt like mentioning that.

Oh, and about Claletwo. He used to be Mewtwo, right? Before the war? Or his body was. But what about the other Mewtwo, the new Mewtwo? He was cloned. But how was the old Mewtwo formed? The scientists somehow did the exact same thing? Was this guided by Mew to make sure Mewtwo was created again? Was it a coincidence? Or was the old Mewtwo not a clone?

Reply: On Vaxil: Uh, this is a legendary Pokémon origin we're talking about. Canonically, Ho-oh randomly decided to resurrect three Pokémon that perished in a fire and they just happened to be mysteriously reincarnated as embodiments of the lightning, rain and fire, except Entei is also born every time a Volcano erupts, which should in fact lead to there being fifteen billion of them. Legends in general frequently feature characters doing things for no apparent reason. She probably had a better reason for going and hiding the eggs in actuality, if it even happened remotely like the legend says at all, but the legend is weird and arbitrary because that's how legends are.

Adapting to their environment, however, is sort of the whole point of Lidreki. When I first made them (with horrible names and generic appearances and other delightfulness) that was the gimmick behind their existence: they were supposed to be breedable, and the baby would evolve into different forms depending on environmental factors such as what types of attacks it was hit with. Eventually that turned into there only ever having been six that were purposely left by their mother in places where they'd evolve into different types, and she'd presumably not have done that if they wouldn't hatch already mature enough to hunt and take care of themselves. Asking how they could do that is sort of like asking how Kecleon can change color: that's just what they do.

Preciure kicking Dragoreen out of the cave happened in Vaxil's absence; Dragoreen was gone before she even got back. And it wasn't Vaxil that wanted to see the others; Dragoreen went on her own to get them because she wanted to overwhelm Preciure. Vaxil had told them long before where she'd hidden the other eggs.

On Chaletwo: "Old Mewtwo" was "new Mewtwo" taken back in time. This is explained in chapter 25.

[01/12/2011 07:55:02]

Story: The Quest for the Legends (ILCOE)
Chapter: Chapter 2: The Book

A few questions to ask:

1. What color is Mysticrown? It says that she has purple gems, white wings, magenta mane and tail, but what color is her body?

2. Does Darkhan have a horn? And if he does, what does it look like?

3. It says near the end that Chaletwo is the most powerful Pokemon in the world, tied with someone else. It doesn't state who he's tied with, because Mark leaves the library then. However, this Pokemon tied with Chaletwo would be Molzapart, correct?

Yes, these are completely pointless, but after reading them over again they're beginning to bug the heck out of me :P

Reply: 1. Mysticrown is white.
2. Darkhan has a generic unicorn horn.
3. Yes, that would be Molzapart. In earlier versions of this chapter, it explicitly described Molzapart, but I cut it out in the ILCOE because I thought Molzapart was too silly to introduce so early in the story as if he's going to be important.

[06/09/2009 00:29:50]

Story: The Quest for the Legends (ILCOE)
Chapter: Chapter 2: The Book

I like Vaxil… *cry* I am making an AU writing of this with Vaxil never dying!

[04/04/2009 10:19:40]

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