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Story: The Quest for the Legends (ILCOEp)
Chapter: Chapter 77: Home

When I started rereading this, I only remembered reading up to the Color Dragon Brothers, and even that was really, really hazy. The last thing I remembered clearly was Letaligon reuniting with her mother.

I think there’s something really special about reading long fanfic or webnovels, the kind that take years to complete, that you don’t get with published novels. When I was young, authors were like gods. These amazing people creating stories that seemed to reach millions. Then I discovered fanfic and realized ‘oh. Anyone can do this. I can do it too.’

So reading a long fanfic like this, where the first chapters are stumbling and childish, but it steadily improved and becomes something beautiful? It’s really really good. It fills me with more confidence to write my own fanfics and original novels than anything else, even if they might take years.

I’m glad we got closure for Mark’s whole party and what they’d be doing. I appreciated the scene with Mrs Grodski, even if she was a very minor character, acknowledging they were both kinda jerkish snd rude to each other. It felt a bit like a thesis to themes explored in the story, simplified. The Legends were all flawed, it may not have been anyone’s fault, the War. But at the end of it all… Mark and Mrs Grodski acknowledged their flaws, and that they had grown. And apologized. It was nice.

I’m also happy Mewtwo^2 didn’t really fie, and got to figure out a life of his own.

In conclusion, this fic may be flawed too, but I’m of the opinion that if you work on a story for long enough, a piece of your soul becomes stuck in it, and it becomes something really touching and beautiful. And I think a piece of your soul is in this story. Thank you for sharing it, and continuing it even to this day, and congrats on completing it, even if I’m a bit late.

I think I’ll probably go back to read the commentary, ‘cause I’m a nerd for analysis, worldbuilding, and behind the scenes stuff. Have a lovely day!

Reply: These comments are fantastic and have made my evening, love that you're picking up on various themes and ideas. There's definitely a large piece of my soul in this story; so happy to hear you enjoyed seeing it grow from its clumsy, flawed roots. <3

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