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Story: The Quest for the Legends (ILCOEp)
Chapter: The Final Stretch – Chapter 75: Mewtwo²

Damn, just… damn…

There’s been the theme of Legendaries being flawed, and not how Mark expected, for a very long time. And it’s true. They’re flawed, paranoid, aggressive, arrogant. But Arceus doesn’t seem all that better. With each new generation of Legends destined to be killed off, how are they ever meant to learn? How can they ever be motivated to learn, if the war is inevitable anyways? It’s pointless, there’s no reason to grow if they’re punished for it all the same.

And in the end, the four Legendaries who were really, really trying to do good, to save people, to break the cycle, are the ones who have to die. Chalenor, the unwilling Destroyer. Mew, who wanted Chalenor to be more than just a Destroyer but also couldn’t let go. Chaletwo, who feared death and just wanted to survive, but unwittingly caused this tragedy and needed to die to break the cycle. And Mewtwo^2… Never even got to have a life of its own…

They saved the world. Saved most of the Legendaries. Prevented millions of lives from being lost. But just… none of them wanted this to happen… Maybe blame can be assigned to all four in some capacity, but three tried their best, and one was just broken by grief…

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