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Okay, so as I said in the Quest Blog recently, the lack of forum activity makes me saaaad. You know best what would make you more active here, so, well, what do you think could be done about it?

My observations on the subject:
- I believe the forum largely died with the "Your Own Fanfiction" forum, or at least I got the impression that that forum was fairly active before the forum crash. So where are all the fics?
- At some point somebody suggested some sort of a forum RPG - how many of you would be interested in that sort of thing?
- Would you be more active if there were a forum for general discussion unrelated to fanfiction?

Any thoughts?



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I've never written any fanfiction, so the first one doesn't apply to me, but for the other two, in order; I would, and yes.

Also, Non-Pokémon fanfiction could possibly help. A new skin wouldn't hurt either. Let's see… Could the forum RPG be about the other trainers helping Chaletwo?


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I feel the reason I don't post much here is simply because nobody else does, so um… more threads, perhaps? Might not help. I'd probably be interested in an RPG of some kind - depends exactly what it is, really, but it sounds worth a shot at least.

I personally don't think some kind of misc or even just a general Pokémon forum would work, really. That kind of discussion isn't what I see this place as being for.

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I'd be pretty interested in the RPG. I'm more of the lurker type, though (Oh, the irony) so I don't think I'd post in the general discussion thread much. I don't really know about other people, though.

Sheesh, stupid database wipe >.> I can't remember what was in my signature! Oh well, something new then I guess.

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The RPG idea sounds fun =3


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>_> Well, I HAVE been inactive for a while, mostly due to the deadness of the fic boards. And the reason for that is the absence of Victreebel & Sizor Lover (the writer of those random Pokemon Mystery Dungeon fics) and myself (author of Bug III). Those fics were actively updated, and they haven't been updated since the forum wipe. That and the fact that looking at my old work somehow makes my eyes sting BAD, and I can't stand it. >_<

I stopped writing mostly to block and due to the fact I never get responses to my fic anymore. The fic will probably come back when I decide what the real plot is rather than just random drivil I come up with. @_@

Anyway, a good RPG needs somebody with large amounts of free time with good ideas, who's also strict and fair. I don't think its such a good idea NOW, since RPGs rely on activity to grow, and without active users, it will die off like everything else.

I think we should focus on the fic section before we do an RPG. What brought readers to my fic was how fast and reliable the updates were, along with the fact that people actually LIKED the fic. That then caused those readers to hang around the forum, make a few posts, and do the same thing the next day. Getting some fics that are constantly updated should get things moving along.

That's my two cents on the matter anyway. >_>

P.S: Who else here has seen my fic? <_<

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>_> Well, I HAVE been inactive for a while, mostly due to the deadness of the fic boards. And the reason for that is the absence of Victreebel & Sizor Lover (the writer of those random Pokemon Mystery Dungeon fics) and myself (author of Bug III).

I'm back to post this, I suppose. I've kind of moreso been focusing on a non-Pokemon non-comedy fanfic recently so I haven't had anything to do with the randomness. Plus I haven't seen anyone else post forever so I typically don't post. And I've become obsessed with the TCoD forums.

Bring Bug III back and I'll start posting more often. An RPG forum might be interesting as well.

We should also hunt down Tropiking and NOP to see if they're still alive.

And with that I emerge back into obscurity…

So, um, I guess I haven't posted since, uh, June? Well, anyways, I might (not) get back to writing the incredibly stupid fanfics of mine, but I'm kind of working on something else.


So that's it.

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Well, I've started on reworking Bug III, but it will take a while before any real writing starts. I still have to correct the current version's errors before I can start typing up any more chapters. If all goes well, I'll have Bug III back up by mid Feburary (and I have never been wrong about fic posting dates ;D).

Until then, I have to go through a cycle of rechecking and rewriting the fic due to the its very numerous grammatical errors. I'm starting with the very cliched prologue (which plan to rewrite, so it'll take a while) and working my way though the chapters in order.

P.S: Butterfree, if you still happen to have those comments you've posted in the Bug III topic months back, could you send them to me? Much appreciated. :D

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Hmmm… It really has been too long. I haven't looked at the forums here in ages.

I guess I could try to get started on my fic again. Mew's Last Chance was one of my better ideas… But nevermind my rambling. I think that it really could be good for the forums here if some of the fic writers returned though. An RPG would be good too.

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What's an RPG Forum mean?

Please check out my Fan Fics (They're in this forum).

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Basically, a sort of game, where you take on the role of a made-up character and then post what they do or say in situations that the game master determines.


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>_> well, I did start a fic about 9 months ago, I got about 28 pages typed. Two reasons why I refuse to continue. 1. I really suck with deciding where to put a paragraph, and 2. in my vain attempt to keep my main character from becoming Mary-Stu, I did the direct opposite, she was the ultimate damsel in distress. O_o'

Forum RPG's are always fun, but I'd perfer that this particular forum stays TQftL, please.

Click if you have the time.


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Speaking of Forum Activity, its gone up since Butterfree fixed the registering issue. Can't keep up with the new guys. >_>'

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Well, an RPG might be nice.
Would I be able to be a cross between an Ivysaur and a Charmeleon that can speak English in it?


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I quite honestly have no idea how to RPG, but I would be will ing to try.

So where are all the fics?
None of us can really answer that question, but I'm contributing as much as I can. I'm rewritng (flat charecters).


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I REALLY believe you should maybe add a RP(or RPD, for the matter) section. I dont know if you talked about it, but by RP I men that someone writes down "One day bla blah happened and then..bla….man as choosen to save all pokemon…bla.." nd then people join, write a description of their characters, and join. This is quite popular and might give the wanted push!
P.S. Sorry if you already said this option.

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I agree with twiggy. I love forums with RP sections.


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It's been seven months, guys, and neither of the supposed plans that would increase forum activity have been put into motion. The fic boards are still dead since no fics of particular interest have gained much of a reader base at all, and the RP has only been talked about so far rather than actually being created or even planned.

Forum activity, in general, has increased in the past seven months due to the sheer increase of users alone, not due to the number of productive topics that are available. Even if we were to get a handful of discussion topics at this point, they would die off as well due to the fact that there's not much of an active user base to keep the topics alive and varied in opinion.

As for the RP, I suppose it could maybe have a possibly slim chance of working, but it's going to need quite a bit of planning to do so it could easily work with/without activeness and be simple enough for every user on the board to participate in without getting confused. And let's not forget the most important part: who's going to run it? I don't think anybody here has ever run (or even saw) an RP before, which posses a serious problem.

What do you guys think we should do, considering our circumstances?

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I managed to run a RP once ,bu acctulay, it fell apart after a few weeks. I mean ,there should e SOMEONE around who knows how to run RP's!
After all, theres also the main forum.

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Well, I've only ever heard of RPs before. If someone explained to me what it was, I'd be happy to throw in some ideas.

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