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May vs Taylor
That was just… so entertaining. XD

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this is very late but……………
Charmeleon v.s. scyther!!!!!!!!!!!!
he got so muture *sniffles*

or the one they had to fight 2-3 legands @ once

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I liked the battle between Tyranitar and Dragonite (right after Dragonite evolved). Not only because May got madder than hell and it was amusing to see her attempt to hide it, but I didn't expect that Dragonite could take down Tyranitar with an unfamiliar, bulkier body (compared to his Dragonair form), especially by pulling him right into a Stone Edge. And I still don't believe that May was going easy on him.


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Charmeleon vs. Fury the Hitmonchan.

Or am I the only one who remembers the first Pokémon to obtain a trainer's license?


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Favourite battle? One of my favourite battles is when Mark fights against May, in the league. But probably, my favourite battle in the fic is in the Dark type Gymn, Mark and May battling together is just great.

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