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thunderyu painting
HAHAHAH HAHAahahahahaha god why did i even

watch, this is going to be the only post i ever make on any section of dragonfly cave whatsoever

was feeling a little nostalgic and painted a thunderyu for practice
it's not entirely accurate to how he really looks but i have a hard time doing the whole pokemon looking thing without it looking like booty so i just said whatever let's do a different style

…the actual painting is like twice the size of the linked image why do i work on such huge canvases

I am so sorry.


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denri, my soulmate, inspired me to do a (relatively) quick polaryu painting, even if i'm like 10 chapters behind from when i last wandered off 6_9 so here you guys go

click here i guess

thanks for making a great, great fanfic ok? okay.


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