NaNoWriMo: Day 29

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For some reason I managed very little writing yesterday. I'm caught up with where I should have been then (348,552 words) and I'm not quite done writing tonight either, but I'll in all likelihood still be behind when I call it quits. Meanwhile, because I didn't actually start at midnight, I'm going to consider my NaNo to end around noon on December the first (well, a quarter before, technically, going by the timestamp on my "NaNoWriMo: begin" entry). I'm still planning to try to finish the fic/get to 50,000 before that point.



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And here I was worried you'd died in that horrible accident for not updating on the 29th. XD
I know it's coming close to the end, but I know you can do it!!

Still waiting desperately for the next chapter.



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With an account, I can't comment here with an iPod. Anyways, good luck, Butterfree. You're so close. You can do it. :^D

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