NaNoWriMo: Day 5

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310,362 words now - that's 8484 words written total (I should be at 8333) and 1746 since yesterday. Still doing chapter 65; I just started the seventh page of it. There's a battle going on, which is always good for NaNo because so long as I can concentrate on writing (which I admittedly wish I could for more than ten minutes at a time) they flow a lot quicker than dialogue/character-heavy scenes - the action is much more spontaneous than having to think up vaguely intelligent lines in a conversation.

I haven't read over any of this battle at all yet. Part of me thinks once I do it's not going to make any sense whatsoever. Let's keep it that way. It's NaNo.

I've discovered I kind of like writing Preciure. He might get more lines when I edit.

Meanwhile, holy hell it's late and this is not healthy. I think instead of the past few years where I've kinda sorta intended to do NaNo but it just fizzled out, my brain has now decided that my 1667 (or preferably more) words a day must be finished AT ANY COST and the procrastination I do makes me stay up ridiculously late in the night finishing the writing instead of going to sleep thinking falsely that I can make it up later.




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Staying up unhealthily late to get your words in is the NaNo way! Just don't end up getting sick or anything, that's never good.

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