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The Quest for the Legends Word document is currently 301,878 words. This will be our starting point. This isn't primarily about 50,000 words, of course - if the average chapter remaining is so much shorter than the average chapter so far that there are fewer than 50,000 words left, I'm not going to go pad it out or something - but it's fun to keep a word count anyway.

I actually already started chapter 63 yesterday, but like I said, we're treating this as the starting point, which simply happens to be a bit closer to the end of the fic. I'm hoping to post daily progress posts in the hope that this will shame me into getting a decent word count every day instead of putting it off.

Right. It's on, fic.




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This is awesome. Can't wait to read the rest of the fic. Go Dragonfree!


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Whooo!! You can do it!! You have your loyal fans supporting you the whole way!!

Still waiting desperately for the next chapter.

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