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As of today, Mark Greenlet and his poorly-thought-out adventures have been part of my life for a decade, and at my current writing speed he's going to be for at least a few more years (and then it's the IALCOTN, if I ever finish that). It feels strange to think he ever wasn't or ever won't be.

Happy birthday, my dear slightly-slow brainchild. I don't think most people would be proud of having spent ten years of their life writing a Pokémon fanfic, but I am.

Chapter 62 is coming along, not very fast but I don't think it'll take that long. (Then again, you should never take my word for that.)




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*Runs into thread and throws confetti around.*

I think that ten years, is like…minimum requirement for coolness on the author's part *smacked in face with shovel.*

Dragonfree I need to throw piles of art at your head! D:


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Freudian slip with "if I never finish that"? :P
Also congratulations, there's no way I could ever be dedicated enough to do something like this…

Polymetric Sesquialtera


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I think it's something worth being proud of, most people would have definitely given up (I can't write more than four chapters of a fic without the initial awesomeness wearing off and just giving up - the last time I finished a chaptered fanfic was 2007) but no, you're just continuing on unhampered by everything and anything that might get in your way. Including endless revisions before you even finish the fic, Morphic, university etc. It's damn impressive.


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Congradulations! It makes me very happy to know you haven't given up yet!! You have all your fans cheering you on and we always will be!

Still waiting desperately for the next chapter.



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Hurrah! Ten years it a lot of dedication so you have a right to be proud - you've kept many people hooked and entertained on it for years and I know you'll continue to do so for many years to come.
Keep up the good work!

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