Kiss of the Dragon

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Dan smiled as the large green snake hit the ground.

“Good job Serperior. You fought well.” A young blonde haired kid said as he recalled the Pokemon. “Thanks for the battle.” The kid called to Dan, who was already walking away.

Dan rolled his eyes as he walked. That kid had been a piece of cake. His only strong Pokemon had been Serperior, and even that was laughably weak. He looked around as he continued down the path. I should be reaching the edge of the forest soon. He thought to himself. Let’s just hope I don’t come across anymore kids.

He continued down the path, enjoying the quiet scenery, until he saw a bright light a couple hundred yards ahead of him. Finally! He thought. A small grin broke across his face. He loved the outdoors, but he had been out long enough. He couldn’t wait to sleep in an actual bed.

As he made his way towards the light, he saw a small blue figure walked onto the path and stopped in the middle. When he got closer he saw it was a Croagunk. It held it’s hands up and it’s orange middle fingers lit up with a purple tint.

“So you want a battle?” Dan asked. “I’m going to warn you, I’m a strong trainer.” He grabbed a pokeball from his belt. “Let’s do this Cacturne!” He called as the evil looking cactus appeared. “Lets start this battle with needle arm.”

Cacturne’s arms began to glow white. “Turne!” It yelled as it through its arms forward, releasing hundreds of tiny needles. Croagunk moved its hands up to block its face from the attack. When the needles had passed, it smiled. The croagunk jumped into the air, and threw its purple coated hand against the cactus.

“Wow, that was a poison jab.” Dan said. “This is a strong Croagunk…”

Cacturne shook off the attack as if it was nothing. Dan smiled “Sucker punch.” He commanded. Cacturne’s arm became shrouded in a dark mist as it threw a punch at the frog, but the Croagunk just stood where it was, allowing the punch to pass through it.

“And smart.” Dan added. “Cacturne, lets pause this for a moment.” He stepped forward. “Croagunk, would you consider joining my team?” He asked.

Croagunk took a step forward and nodded.

“I’ll warn you now. I train hard. My Pokemon don’t get the power they have easily. You’re going to go through more in the next month then you’ve probably gone through your whole life. If you don’t keep up with the training, you’ll be released. Are you up for that?” Dan asked.

Again, the Croagunk nodded.

The corner of Dan’s mouth curled up as he grabbed a pokeball from his bag.


A women with long pink hair handed six pokeballs to Dan. “You’re Pokemon are fully healed. Thank you for visiting us today.” She said with a smile

Dan stepped out of the Pokecenter and looked down the street he was on. Nothing important in either direction. He sighed and began walking. Toxicroak has been doing a lot better then I expected. He thought. I wonder if she has Pokerus…

“Hey,” a voice called him from his thoughts. He turned to where it came from, and saw somebody in a hoodie step out of an alley. “Are you Daniel White?” The person asked.

Dan looked at the hooded figure for a moment, trying to make out their face. “Yes, I am.” He answered. “Who wants to know?”

“I challenge you to a three on three battle.” The figure said, taking another step towards Dan.

“I’ll accept your challenge…” Dan said skeptically. “where are we going to battle?”

“Right here in this alley.” The hooded person said as he turned and walked into the alley. “Audino, use flash.” He said as the nurse Pokemon appeared. “I’ll let you actually see during this battle.” The Boy said as his Pokemon lit up the alley.

“I’ll start out with Floatzel.” Dan called as an orange otter appeared in front of him. “I don’t think I caught your name?”

“My name isn’t important right now. Now, lets start this battle.” He through a pokeball in the air. “Leavanny, lets start this with razor leaf!”

Dan grinned. “I love when people think they can win with type advantage. Dodge it Floatzel, and counter with fury cutter.”

“You’re not going to push me around this time.” The hooded person said under his breath as he watched the Pokemon brawling. “Come on Leavanny, leaf lade!” The grass type Pokemon’s arms lit up and it started swinging at the otter.

Dan looked on with boredom in his eyes. “Finish this with ice beam.” He said, his voice flat.

The otter jumped back from the fist fight and fired a bright blue beam from its mouth, encasing Leavanny in a small chunk of ice.

The hooded person cursed under his breath as he recalled the Pokemon. “This time it wont be as easy. Let’s go, Skarmory!” A metallic bird flew into the air. “Drill peck!”

The bird tucked its wing in and began spiraling down. It rammed into Floatzels gut, knocking it against a building wall.

“Nice move.” Dan called to the other trainer. “You’re a pretty good battler.”

“Better then I used to be…” The person said. “Who’s your next Pokemon?”

Dan was slightly taken aback by the bluntness of the other trainer. “I guess I’ll go with Torkoal.” He said, releasing the red turtle like Pokemon.

The hooded trainer smiled. “Let’s shake this up a little.” He recalled his Skarmory. “Haxorus, I know you can do what I need you to do.”

When the Pokemon appeared, Dan looked on in amazement. “I was not expecting that…” He said. In front of him stood a bipedal green dragon, with axe’s protruding from its jaw.

“Haxorus, take out Torkoal with a dragon tail.” The hooded trainer commanded calmly.

The Dragon swung its tail into the Torkoal, throwing it across the alley.

Finally, the trainer removed his hood, revealing who he was. “You probably don’t remember me Dan.” He said, hatred beginning to overpower any other expression. “My name is Aaron Shanley. I went to elementary school with you.”

Dan looked on in puzzlement.

“You made my life miserable! And now, I’m going to return the favor.” Aaron yelled.

Dan took a step back. “Look, I have no idea who you are.” He said with a hint of fear.

Aaron let out a menacing laugh. “You’re not going to get away that easily. Not this time.”

“Look, I’m sorry for whatever it was I did.” Dan said, taking another step back.

“Sorry isn’t enough for what you did.” Aaron whispered. “You’re going to feel the pain I felt. But you’re going to feel it physically.” His eerie grin grew. “Haxorus, you know what to do.”

The dragon lumbered to where Dan was standing, and leaned down, looking him eye to eye.

“You don’t have to do this…” Dan said, trying to plead with it. “You can just let me leave. I’ll never come back to this town.”

Aaron spoke up. “It’s too late. Hurry up with this Haxorus, I have places to be.”

Dan took a step back.

The dragon looked as if it were smiling.

Dan turned to run out of the alley; but that was a mistake. When he turned, the Dragon swung its head to the slide. Slicing one of it’s axe’s through Dan’s back. Dan threw his head back, screaming in pain. The dragon then brought its head down, slicing through Dan’s throat.

Dan crumpled on the ground, blood pooling beneath him.

Aaron recalled his Pokemon and stepped over Dan’s lifeless body. He stopped for a moment to grab Dan’s pokeballs. “These might come in handy someday.” He said to himself.

Aaron walked out of the alley as the light from the flash began to fade, leaving Dan’s lifeless corpse in the shadows.


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Aaron?!? Isn't that a Pokémon?

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