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Chapter 58: Sins of the Mother

I'm in the process of adding to Letaligon's character ramble as a result. Hope you enjoy it.

Also don't miss the previous Quest Blog entry about the Best Thing Ever.



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Yess :D

Pure Umbreon

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Wow, I loved this chapter! There is alot of strong emotion running throughout. I was quite surprised with some of the chapter, I definitely didn't see it coming. Keep up the good work, Butterfree!

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Brilliant chapter - very sad ending. One of my favourite so far. If there is one fault with the entire series it is that they don't come out fast enough. Fantastic.


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Wow, that was quite the twist, but as it's explained in the chapter, it does actually make sense. Great chapter Butterfree, it really couldn't have been any better.

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I loved Letaligon here! Unfortunately, she was all I actually cared about, so I'm done reading… sorry! Good luck and I hope you finish this someday!

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