Shadows: The Isles of Sinen

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The murky blue water began to ripple. Ever-growing circles were stretching out further across the surface. The peaceful sound of flowing water and tweeting Hoothoot was replaced with the sound of fast rushing water. Suddenly a lump began to form in the centre of the ripples, growing bigger with every second that passed. The creature was emerging even more; its bright blue eyes were glowing, illuminating the surface of the water. Its whole body was hovering a few inches above the water now, looking at the bank. Slowly, for the first time in twenty-five years, it raised its arms to chest height and closed his eyes, concentrating all of its energy into what it was doing. Slowly, a bright purple ball of light formed. Keeping focus the creature flung the ball into the air. A huge dome of light smashed at thirty feet and spread put in every direction.

People all across the region were tossing and turning in their beds, waking up and sweating. They were dreaming the same dream. One terrible dark black creature was taking everything nice and colorful and replacing it with darkness and misery. Darkrai was here.

After having to spend years at the bottom of several different lakes him and his allies were waking up and preparing to wreak havoc across the world. To get revenge on those who imprisoned them. With a groan, knowing that his superiors would find out he was back, he took off into the night sky and headed to Distortion Lake, the portal to the Distortion Realm.


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Pretty good start there. One part confused me though:

'smashed at thirty feet and spread put in every direction.'

What does 'spread put' mean? Shouldn't it be 'spread out'?

On a side note, I've just been to your website and it's pretty cool. I love the slidey-down things at the top.

Hell yeah, Murkrow.

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Its 'Reverse world', not 'distortion realm'.

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